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Chose health or go to the doctor!

Chose health or go to the doctor.
According to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report: Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith, 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes. Official only 100,000 in the USA and 200,000 people in Europe dying through side effects/ wrong description of the medicaments… for sure the real number is 3 times higher… Learn more:
This means through drug prescription 16400% more people dying then through terror acts….
If we see today the horrible health statistic,… 66% of the US Babies are chronicle ill, 10% are autistic.. because of the vaccination program,… Under 7 years you can’t give a child vaccines and for sure not 12 vaccines in 18 month… Or 1/4 of the US population has cancer, diabetes, severe heart diseases… You might think this is a coincident?
The American Doctor Association (this is highest Doctor instance in the USA) had made a research from 48000 people. They had two groups of patients with high blood pressure and high Cholesterol level; one group got the best medicaments to keep the blood and Cholesterol level down and the other group didn’t got any medicaments.
After 15 years four times more people died on heart diseases of the group with the medication then the people without medicaments… And for all other death the group with the medication died 2 times more people then in the group without medication. After 18 years died 3 times more people on other causes…
Go to the doctor and die!!!!
Then the next statistic from the American Medical Ass. (ADA) Nov8 2006 shows that people with a higher blood pressure over 161 living longer as the people with a blood pressure below 120….
Next research shows treatment of cancer with Chemotherapy is less successful then no treatment…
Mostly of all sever and chronicle deceases are caused from medicaments and industrial processed food.… After ADA a patience who are getting more then 3 prescription of medicaments a year has two times more the risk of Alzheimer… Actually mostly of all people (65-69) getting more then 14 prescription… Alzheimer is mainly caused from medicaments…
Look the videos from Dr. John Bergmann on You-Tube… for more information.
My own experience, I got Epilepsy with 16, with 21 left side paralyzed face, chronicle sinus problems through Antibiotic, heart rhythms problems … and until then I had knee problem (with huge pain) and chronicle back problems… When I stopped to take any medicament, I healed and heal myself. For the doctors I am a medical miracle and for me the doctors are charlatans. As a science I had learned, before you can find the solution you have to find the cause… The doctors never look for the cause of a disease, they look only for the money…. For instance I got last year a chronicle ear inflammation and could not swim anymore… The cause was that the ENT doctor clean today the ears only with a vacuum pump instead with high pressure water (a big Syringe will do it) or Hydrogen Peroxide (3%). I cleaned the ears by myself after looking it on You tube, problem solved!!! How I repaired my back… strong scolioses, broken disk… I did the opposite what the doctors were telling me and Chi Gong… My back is better then before and still no surgery for my knees (too much play) or on my back….
It is better to believe in God then in the doctors!!!!

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