How dangerous are the Fast food chains restaurants?

My video: How dangerous are the Fast food chains restaurants?

They have put a Hamburger with French fries, chicken nuggets from Mc Donald for 4 month outside in the subtropical climate of Puerto Rico. After 4 month still the food was there, it was just only dried; no insect had touched it… This means there are so much chemicals inside of the food from Mac Donald that even insects are running away from such poison food.
It is well known that KFC is putting arsenic inside of the chicken because of the danger of salmonellae … still this should be food.
And this is mainly true for all these fast food chains restaurants…

They are putting so much chemicals inside the food as necessary, to keep the food fresh for a long time and that the food is delicious and addicted…
The combination of white sugar, sweet- acid, cheap oil, gluten, chemicals… makes the food addicted, for instance: Ketchup, mayonnaise, French fries, Pizza, Tarts, Apply pie, Potatoes chips, hot dog …

If we go farer and look on the beverages that the fast food chains restaurants serve like: sodas, Coca Cola, coffee, beer … then for sure fast food chains restaurants are making the people ill….

A test had proved that children which eating regularly food from the fast food chains are worse in the school than children who don’t go to the fast food restaurants… Fast food chain restaurants makes the people fat and causes Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, heart attack….

We don’t need to go to the fast food chains restaurants, they are even not cheap… Small restaurants with less dishes are normally much more delicious and healthy. Still we have the problem that every cheap restaurant like to save money on the ingredients. This means they cook with cheap oil, using white sugar, ketchup, mayonnaise, white flour… In Thailand they have found out that the cheap Thai Food makes you fat and ill….

In the USA is a law, that protects the Pharmaceutic industry, when they produce heavy poison medicaments that kills people, nobody can make lawsuit against them… Obama made it worse that today the food producer can produce, GMO Food, irradiation Food, or put as much pesticides and other poison inside the food without that they have to tell you what is inside… and a lawsuit is quite impossible to win against the food producer. In veggie burgers for instant, they found even rat meat…. And in Europe it is not so, they have to tell you what is inside…. For instance for the beer, they have to describe that the beer is chemical like in the USA, or GMO food, irradiation Food has to be labeled … In Europe you can’t sell such awful food… because the people are much more aware it.

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