Do you have a Zinc deficiency?

75% of the population have a Zinc deficiency.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the body.

Zinc is even more important for the immune system than Vitamin C.

The Zinc you get for the body is out of seaweed, pumpkin seeds, beans, shiitake mushrooms, green peas, spinach, lentil sprouts, asparagus, broccoli…

Mineral deficiencies can be difficult to detect on your own, as the signs and symptoms are often subtle, or in conjunction with a few other symptoms. Zinc, in particular, has so many crucial functions within the body, it is critical that we’re supplying our bodies with adequate amounts!

Zinc is involved in every enzyme function, for example, breaking down the food…
We cannot get the nutrition out of the food without Zinc…
We cannot store Zinc in our body so we have to eat every day enough Zinc…
And if we are emotionally stressed out, we need even double so much Zinc.

Without proper pro-biotic, we cannot get the Zinc out of the food…
Take your pro-biotic or eat fermented food every day.

If there is not enough Zinc in the blood, the body reduces the Zinc where it is not so urgently needed. – We can only discover Zinc deficiency through different symptoms.

A blood test cannot show us if we have enough Zinc only the Symptoms tell us that.

9 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc-

So, I’m going to break down the role of zinc in the body, as well as the top 9 signs of a zinc deficiency so that you know EXACTLY what to look for! These symptoms range from hair loss, to weight loss and even to taste!

1. Hair loss, more than usual…

2. Taste Loss/ change lost smell

3. Muscle/weight loss.
Because the intestines cannot work properly.
And that can lead to irritated bowel syndrome symptoms.

4. Wounds cannot heal or heal slowly.

5. Illnesses, You cannot create enough new cells.

6. Diarrhea
Then you even lose all of your minerals…

7. For Diabetes to less Zinc, you need double so much insulin.

8. Zinc fights inflammations, is crucial for the heart.

9. Too less Testosterone/Libido.

Too much Zinc harms also.

We should get 10 to 15mg every day it depends on the expert.

The supplements are 50mg…
That is too much, don’t worry, the body cannot process so much Zinc out of the supplements… 50% at least is not digested, normally.

If the Zinc level is too high, then it will reduce the Copper in the blood. Zinc and Copper should be in balance…
Don’t take too much Zinc. Too much Zinc is 100mg.

The best Zinc formula:
Zinc perchlorate, Zinc citrate, Zinc acetate, Zinc gluconate, …

Zinc perchlorate is the best and the easiest to digest.
Zinc citrate is OK.
We should choose Zinc perchlorate or Zinc citrate, because all the other Zinc formulas cannot be digested.

And don’t take the Zinc together with Magnesium.
Take the Zinc before the meal (one hour before or after the meal) with a glass of water.


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