How to deal with toxic people?

Well, just detox.

For me are all people toxic….
You can learn the most in your life if you are together with difficult people.
And that quote I have heard from so many Gurus, like Osho, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan,…

What you learn to deal with toxic people is priceless.
When I have read the book, “I never have promised you a rose garden.”
I could understand that we are not so different from other people.

Our EGO thinks always that we are superior and much better than the other guy.
Don’t get in the trap of the EGO.

This book (mentioned before) describes the healing of an autistic, mad person in a madhouse.
A male nurse said to that mad person, I am not different than you…
We should go in the foot of that toxic person to understand that person…

What we reject becomes worse or harms us.
Your own sins you see first in other people. (Goethe)
Our brain can only see bad habits in other people when our brain has the same bad habits.

I don’t know why, but all of my chiefs thought I can deal with all kinds of difficult people so they put me together with them.

And in India in the Ashram, it was the same…
I had to deal with suicide candidates and really awful wicked people…
All people thought that I can do that, to normalize them… Yes, I can…
Because I tried to understand them and to connect with them.
The same is true that I had to ride the most dangerous horses… I connected with these wild horses and afterward, everybody could ride these horses.

Use that opportunity to deal with toxic people and get books, on how to deal with difficult people. Try out new strategies.

Remember, we are all the same.

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