Does a Stem cell cure help?

Sure, it helps a lot to make big money.
Such miracle cures for reversing aging have existed for 1000 years and never have worked out…

When we age then our cells will get replaced more and more by cells that are not identical and so not functioning so well… That causes a damage in our organs…

The stem cells from different organs are the most important cells that can produce far more cells than other cells… If we reduce the number of stem cells, we reduce the cell growing and we increase the damage of cells…

If we grow older, our stem cells are reduced…

Honestly, do you think that this can be the major reason to get ill or to die?
For sure not!

All the life-threatening diseases can have also a young person, without a problem in his number of his stem cells.

A hospital doctor told me, that even very old people can have healthier and better functioning organs than a young person…

Certainly, reduced populations of our existing stem cells are not likely to be helpful to our tissues as we live over the years and decades.

We can increase naturally the number of stem cells… This I will explain later!

The fact that our stem cell numbers tend to decrease with age does not necessarily mean that stem cell treatments for aging make any sense. In fact, there are a lot of problems with the idea of infusions of stem cells to fight aging. First, most clinics selling this idea simply infuse fat (or amniotic) stem cells into the bloodstream, collect their thousands of dollars from customers, and then wave a magic wand or something.

There’s good evidence that those fat stem cells injected into the bloodstream mostly are gone with hours or days, certainly within weeks. They are filtered out in the lungs (one reason for worrying about pulmonary emboli or blood clots in the lungs as a side effect) or elsewhere. Many probably die from the shock of entering the bloodstream or are killed by immune cells. In short, there’s a very limited window of time that such cells could do anything helpful and the idea that during that window they could permanently help counteract aging seems like a snowball’s chance in hell. Maybe bone marrow cells would have a relatively better chance.

And the bone marrow cells, we can increase with Iron Shirt III Qigong.

When we eat fermented vegetables every day, we increase our stem cells up to 4 times it depends on the organ.
I love my self-made Kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables), it is so healthy and taste so well. I don’t care for the Stem cells.

With Qigong we increase the stem cells… That is the reason why these Qigong masters are living so long!

Now, Master Mantak Chia is offering Stem cell Qigong…
This Qigong was called before Iron Shirt II and III… Iron Shirt II and III and are very good, but Stem Cell Qigong sounds much better?

I make my Iron Shirt II combined with Iron Shirt III (I call it different in my book, because the name Iron Shirt sounds so bad) even before I knew that it produces more Stem Cells…


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