Does Ivermectin help for Covid 19?

Definitive it is too good to be true…

After finding out that ivermectin is the most successful healing of Covid 19 Virus infection, all the Doctors are 100% are against that… Because it works!

They have deleted on the internet all the positive reports of the most successful cure for Covid 19.

The cure was designed by 2 medical doctors from the USA.

All people should be vaccinated for Covid 19 with a vaccination that never could help.

The industry needs at least 3 years to design a vaccine that works.
And today’s vaccination was not designed for the last 2 different viruses, like the Delta and Omicron. So, it never can work.

The Pfizer Vaccination has killed more people than all vaccinations that had been created.

Since May 2021, in Singapore are over 80% of the population vaccinated.
In the last 2 months, Singapore saw the highest Covid 19 new infected people per day; it was in June 300 people/day and it went in November with 3000 people/day and death from the Covid 19 virus between 10 and 30 people/day.

I was forced to be vaccinated, otherwise, I cannot travel… and have chosen Sinovac, 2 times.

My previous girlfriend got 3 times vaccinated from AstraZeneca and Sinovac otherwise she could not go to the hospital for her cancer check.

My previous girlfriend got Covid 19 infected and after 5 days she was healed with ivermectin.

I took also ivermectin as prevention because I was with her together… Again, it helped not to get infected.

I will disclose the recipes for healing and prevention of Covid 19 virus infection with ivermectin. I am not a medical doctor and so I cannot take the responsibility and I am not reliable for these recipes.

The Covid 19 recipes for healing Covid 19 Virus infection.

1) Ivermectin, doses 0.6mg/Kg this means for 60Kg body weight, you need 36mg ivermectin one time per day with or without food. Only for 5 days.
2) Vitamin D3 at least 2000 – 5000 IU. One time per day with or without food.
3) Vitamin C 1000mg, 2x daily
4) Zinc tablets 100mg/day take with food.
5) Quercetin 250mg/day (if available, for absorption of zinc) 2x daily.

The Covid 19 recipes for prevention of Covid 19 Virus infection. If you had close contact with a Covid 19 infected person.
1) Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg, 2x a week;
2) Vitamin D3 1000-3000 IU/day;
3)Vitamin C 500-1000mg 2x/daily;
4) Zinc 30-40mg/day
5) Quercetin 250mg/day;

You can get very cheap from China the ivermectin for animals. You should buy only the government-approved ivermectin for humans or animals.
The Thai produced ivermectin for humans cost 100 times more than the Thai government approved ivermectin for animals from China.

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