Suicide for male

When males are facing a crisis, they can do suicide…

I have at least prevented 3 times a suicide…
And it is not so difficult to do so….

The Suicide rate for 100K males for the population of a country

Rusia 43.6
South Korea 40.2
USA 25
Japan 21.6
Australia 18.6
Canada 17.6
Thailand 15
India 14.1
Brazil 10.9
China 9.8
Indonesia 3.7
Philippines 3.1

The suicide rate of females is only 1/4 of the males.

What are the reasons?

Suicidal thoughts in a big crisis are normal…

The people who never had suicidal thoughts before are the people who are doing suicide…

To be ashamed for thinking of suicide and even cannot speak about suicide promotes suicide.

So, we should speak about our suicide thoughts, that we accept them as being normal.

If we avoid speaking about sex with kids, we never can so prevent that our kids will having sex…
If we educate kids about sex then we can prevent teenagers to have kids or abortions or sexual diseases.

Why do male suicides?

In childhood, the males had been abused.
Be single and fail to be in a relationship.
Big Financial problems.
Failing in masculine behavior, – to be strong, never cry, never be weak, not to be vulnerable…
Women hate weak males to be their husbands or boyfriend!

Or unable to fulfill the social standards for males…
Or 30000 US-troops took suicide in the last 20 years …And nobody liked to help them.

What can do mothers, girlfriends and wives to prevent suicides?
A lot!

It is too difficult for most males to speak as a kid/boyfriend/husband about all of their emotions without getting rejected!

If there is no chance to speak and to express all of their emotions, that even a male can cry for instance, in front of their mother/spouse then the likelihood of suicide is possible!

“Only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provide something.” — Chris Rock

Now you know what to do!

My video: Suicide for male
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