Don’t get in the trap of Success!

I saw the motivational speeches from the most successful people in the USA… Like Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnson Tale, Admiral McRaven… and somehow, I felt there is something missing, or even they have totally failed?

Success is everything and worth everything…?

To have a vision and regardless of what and chasing your goal, never give up and…
Money is substantial, and love is not so…

And if you die for your goal, you are a great hero?
So many people die on the path of success for meaningless things!
And me too!

Yes, I was obsessed with the goal to become an engineer, to design great things, as a guy who had never a chance to go to college…

I reached this goal and even engineered high tech in one of the most reputed high-tech firm, Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, (top secret project, I went through an international survey, like Edward Snowden) in Germany!

And on the path, I died, I was clinically dead… I had luck that I could come back to life!

Okay, I agree Buddha, Jesus had been a total failure and me too!

And then I saw the interview with Steve Harvey, that made Oprah Winfrey cry…

How became Steve Harvey so successful as a comedian?

His life was so random, he was often broke… But he had faith in the Lord…
He stayed faithful to the Lord regardless of what…
So he had no chances…?

He did what he could do and told himself, God is always there and God never gives up…
So why should I give up and the answer and chances he got from God…
Even when it was impossible, God never let him down…

So, you don’t need to be or become that super hero… If you have faith in the Lord!

When my grandfather died with 60 years, 6500 people were coming to his funeral…
Yes, he was a great hero…
His son became one of the most successful manager and speaker of Germany…,

And me one of the biggest failures and I don’t care!
I was 3 times already clinically dead, one time my entire body was paralyzed…
And I am thankful that I am still alive and have faith in the Lord!

And I enjoy my life!

Don’t get in the trap of Success!

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