Never buy ready-made baby food!

Again, a huge scandal in the USA, very poisoning heavy metals (arsenic, mercury) found in popular Baby food…

The government of the USA is suing the biggest baby food producer for poisoning our babies…

It is so easy to make your own baby food that is delicious and very healthy!

You need just a good blender

And then you make puree within 1 minute!!!
Out of:

sweet bell peppers
cherry tomatoes (never cook tomatoes, cooked tomatoes are total acid)
snap peas (imported)
Potatoes (you cook them first)

You can add your breast milk or water to it…

For instance, 4- to 6-month-old.
Puree from
Peas… out of the fridge, don’t cook them….
Baked sweet potato

7 to 9 months

Pumpkin (cook them) with thyme
Spinach with white yams
Potatoes, carrots, peas

Don’t feed your baby meat, fish, poultry because these are total acid and unhealthy. And never give your baby white sugar!!
Let your baby be a vegan!!!

My video: Never buy ready-made baby food!
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And then

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