Energy Saving Light and LED Bulbs harm our body!

The Energy Saving Light and LED bulbs, LED display emit too much blue light and that harms our body, life expectancy, and can even make us blind. …

The cellular energy or Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) nourish our body cells. Without ATP we can’t live longer than 15seconds.
Our food gives the cells only 30% of the ATP.
With the right light (600 – 1300nm), – the red to infrared light we can boost our energy. The sun, fire or the old Incandescent bulbs with clear glass, have naturally the red and infrared light. At the end are links science proofed with much more information.

The blue light from the Energy Saving Light and LED bulbs, LED/LCD display even disturb our cells so that less ATP is coming to our Cells. This means we harm our body with such unnatural light!!!

In Germany, blindness is caused by 50% from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The LED screens, LED lamps and Energy Saving Light Bulbs can cause the AMD.

The natural light from the sun has a whole spectrum light from 0 to 5500K. Fire and the old incandescent bulbs (with clear glass) have a whole spectrum light between 0 and 2700K. And the cool white light from the LED and Energy Saving Bulbs have 6500K.

Now here comes a problem we measure colors in Kelvin and in wavelength nm.

The temperature scale is totally different than the wavelength Scale… see the pictures!

What is infrared light or rays?

Infrared is not heat, nor does it (directly) cause heat; it’s emitted by the heat of an object at a certain range of temperatures like the incandescent bulb, fire or even our body. Infrared LED’s emit Infrared light without heat. Infrared is not visible for human beings.

The red light is between 600 and 770nm afterward comes the not visible infrared light between 770 and 2000nm.

For our cells is the best light between 600nm and 1300nm.

And this light nourishes our cells.

The magic best light should be the infrared 850nm.

This Infrared light can heal our body and increase our life expectancy. The Infrared light goes through our cloth and can go up to 1 inch inside of our body.

We can buy cheap Infrared LEDs 850nm and a 5Volt power supply from the Internet/eBay/China. Altogether between $10 to 20$. Is that possible?

If we compare the whole spectrum from the different light sources we see that the best light is from the Halogen and Incandescent bulbs with clear glass.

We have the options to buy these old Incandescent bulbs or the 6 to 12V Halogen light with a DC power supply that is the best…. Because a DC power supply doesn’t flick the light off and on like the AC current.

I have chosen warm light LED’s (2700K), combine it with additionally Red light LEDs and Infrared LEDs. And with this light, I feel really better. For the display of my Laptop, I run the F.Lux app or we can run the Iris app. With both Apps, we get our red light to the screen.

My Video: Energy Saving Light and LED Bulbs harm our body!
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