Episode 5, Fight for your life

14 Years ago, I was in Brasilia, and I wanted to go to a Party… But I didn’t know where the party was, and I could speak only a little bit of Spain…

So I asked again and again… And there were 5 handsome young big guys, and I asked them… They replied in broken English, we are on the way to this party, you can join us… I followed them, and they went to the beach… And suddenly they attacked me…

I thought, how dare to attack me… And my thought was so stupid and arrogant…

Never the less, I had fought like crazy to defense me when I was a kid… Every day I was fighting 3 to 4 hours…. And what you do learn as a kid you never lose.

When the Brazilian were attacking me, immediately I jumped to the ground and were boxing and kicking from the ground (this I never have done before).

One Guy was threatening me with a gun….

And then Goddess Kali was coming, entering my body….

I got up very fast, yelled like crazy, and ready to kill them… I kicked away the pistole, and to the same time, I was boxing, and I strangled the neck of one guy.

Within 20 seconds the guys were running for their life, and I wanted just to kill them…

You can’t defend your life if you do not be ready to kill when necessary!

The tremendous power of Kali saved my life…

I went first to the police and then finally I found the place of the party…

I entered the entrance, the guys let me in.

Inside were such gorgeous girls in elegant, and expensive garments. The parents in smoking and party dresses …. and the boys in worn-out blue jeans…. So that doesn’t match…

I went straight to the toilet… And I looked so shabby, it was so embarrassing for me, with torn shorts/shirt, bloody knees, and blood in my face… I didn’t feel any pain…
So what, I washed myself and went back to the party. And I danced like crazy… I was afraid to date a beautiful girl …

At 2 o’clock in the morning, I came back to my pension and a half-hour later a black magic girl knocked on my door… I knew her from the previous night. So what, Goddess Kali is black and so she, and we had a very wild night together…

Never give up. And trust in God.

My Video: Episode 5, Fight for your life https://youtu.be/ElxqYZyWZgM
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/5/Episode+5%2C+Fight+for+your+life.mp3

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