Every vegetable oil is poison!

Imagine before the 20th century there was rarely any heart attack and no diabetes…
With the American invention of that vegetable oil with multiple polyunsaturated fatty acids, heart attack and diabetes increased so dramatically that heart attack and Cardioid arrest is the cause of death number One.
Before the people ate the normal animal saturated oils or fat and had only a few problems with the heart or cancer and with diabetes no issue.

The same was true for India when the normal food was without any oil or fat… When the Indians started to eat that industrially processed food with vegetable oil… heart attack, cancer, diabetes increased so dramatically.

After World War II the Germans were starving and could cover their calories only with animal saturated fat and oil… Again, very few heart attacks, and even very few cancers…

In a study over 8 years, a group of people over 60 years old ate only vegetable oil and the other group animal saturated fat… Guess, the group with consuming vegetable oil had far more deadly than the group that consumed only animal saturated fat…,

The National Health Association which was founded 300 years ago, recommends only to eat raw food and never eat any oil or fat. Their members had rarely any heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer or cancer.

Today the average American eats 80g of fat or oil every day, and is getting fat and sick with heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer and cancer…


If we boil/broil vegetable oil, then the polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acid oxidate become toxic and produce Aldehydes like acetaldehyde that let us feel terrible.
That is true for every vegetable oil, regardless if whether it is cold-pressed oil or the normally processed oil with polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acid; heated it up it becomes poison.

Every unsaturated fatty acid molecular likes to be saturated and so it is a must to produce Aldehydes to become saturated.

Frying in vegetable oil with polyunsaturated fat generates 100 to 200 times more Aldehydes than the daily limit set by the WHO…

The industrially processed oil is in any case heated up over 200 Celsius and so poison.
The coconut and palm oil are mainly saturated fat and so produce less poison if we boil them…

If you consume the cold-pressed Olive oil and don’t cook it, the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the olive oil oxidate very fast when exposed to the air and the monounsaturated fatty acid oxidate also, but not so fast by expoed to the air.

The animal fat/oil is 100% saturated oil/fat and so cannot produce that poison Aldehyde.

But if you eat more than 21g saturated fat/oil you increase your chance of Alzheimer’s 3 times.

What happens if the vegetable oil is in our bodies?

In our body, the vegetable oil oxidates to an Aldehyde called 4-HNE that is the most toxic Aldehyde. And that is associated with aging, heart diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Even worse, if we accumulate the Aldehyde 4-HNE in our body we dysfunctional the energy support of our body-cells! And so, our body can collapse and die rapidly even we are not aware of it.

Our mitochondria in the cells use food calories to create energy in the cells. The accumulation of the Aldehyde 4-HNE in our body reduces the production of mitochondria up to 5 times! And that leads to fatigue and many diseases, like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and death.

Still, you can eat Avocados, Nuts, and Seeds… and they are healthy if they are not boiled/fried/roasted and if you don’t eat too much from them.



My video: Every vegetable oil is poison! https://youtu.be/ofWpw8ZC9us
My audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast1/Everyvegetableoilispoison.mp3





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