First accept and then change…

My video First accept and then change…

Without acceptance we can’t change our situation.
We all have many desires and want them fulfilled. The problem is that we think if we can’t change the situation, we can’t be happy… And this is wrong.
Everybody has seen an unhappy couple, followed up with the separation and changing the partners… Guess what happens, that both spouses previous together, were running in the same problems as they had been before….
If we like to be rich and work like crazy to become rich; that is not enough, because we will also loose very fast our wealth, if we don’t have changed our attitude….
And this is true for every change in our life…
If we CAN’T accept the situation where we are in, we CAN’T change the situation… we still remain in the same problems… This means we have first to change inside, to get another or better outcome….

I didn’t had any chance to get a girl friend until 25 or worse to have a lovely and sexy relationship… My mother and my sister could not understand it, they said, you are total attractive to women and you should have one girlfriend after the next…. What to do?
I started with therapy to change my self, to release my traumas, blockages, made tantra and guess what happens… I became what my mother and sister had predicted …. Now the next problem was, that I could not stand it, to have problems with my darling, because my traumas were showing up and I became paralyzed in this situation it was so awful … Then I swore, that I never will separate on my term and will solve the problem first together with my therapist… And that helped, still I attracted mainly women who wanted an adventure, … they just came to me, easy ….

Now comes the homework!!!! Close your room, switch of your mobile phone and look on your relationships, your profession, your health… Close your eyes and honest feel what is missing and what is good on the first subject… When something is missing, make a list with things that you don’t like and feel every term, what you like to change… There must be also something good… make for that also a list…
Inside of our self, we have a program running, that might be in the way, that we can’t enjoy something on this specific subject/task and we think that everything is bad or against us…
For instance, I was hating to represent my chief, when he was not present, because I loved to finish my work… I complained, the other chief said simple, what you don’t like you have to learn… and so you should also represent me… I talked to my other chief, how I could love that…? Change your perception, and be proud to represent us …. In the next firm I became without applying directly the chief….

If you don’t find the solution, how to change your perception that you love this disliked task, ask your friends. And this you make with EVERYTHING in your life, step by step, until you love the whole situation… your whole life!!!! Take your time, don’t rush!!!!

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