The Greatest Secret – Love

My video: The Greatest Secret – Love

This will be very provocative and had been always…
If we read, the famous Sufi book “The conference of the Birds” from Farid-ud-din Attar… , we understand that true love is much more powerful than to renounce the world… Even it is the same…. Because if we surrender (total) to love our darling, so that our ego will die in the love, for sure no worldly good will attract us anymore.

Our sexual life will not be important… because the love burns our ego and to the same time our body get satisfied and who cares for a dime (sex) when he has already a Billion (love)…. So that our sexual desires are emerged in our love and get transformed …

If we renounce the world and live in Celibacy (I have done so for 10 years), our body don’t get what our body needs,- sex. Our suppressed sexuality causes diseases ….

Lets go deeper in love… Where is love is God or Allah!
Imagine Whitney Houston, this great and very beautiful singer was drug addicted and had a very abusive marriage. She was a huge temptation for almost every man… Was she divine or evil? Who cares?
If we would fall in love with her and would love her total – it would burn our ego, because of the love and her bad habits.- This means her bad habits would become the obstacles of love, that would test our love and drive our love.

Love wants it difficult (Attar) – Through the surrendering to love, all of our bad habits, negativities are surfacing. If we abuse our darling, we will lose our love. If we let hurt us and humilities us through the love of our darling, and release by ourself our negative feelings without hurting our darling; then our love will grow. And finally our love will grow so much that our love can become divine in this love process….

When I got my great chance in life to surrender to love to my darling, I said total yes… We made tantra and through that we were crying like crazy, and all the negative feelings went up; – it was a dying every day. Every day we started new and had released our negative feelings from the day before… Our love went through the roof and also our spirituality. I got as an atheist my first God experience and it was actually the call of God to me… Our love became more difficult and greater every day and then we separated… One year later I renounced the world….

Sure Whitney Houston was divine and who cares for her bad habits will never be able to surrender to love… The bad habits from our darling are a must, in order that love can purify our soul!!!
All these stupid abusing of sex, shows that love is never an option or that we have fear of sex and fear to love.
Allah is giving us a spouse, because we are weak (Koran). This means also, we become stronger through the confrontation of love to our spouse.

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