For ever young

How we can remain young?

We are making things that are fulfilling, also not everything is fulfilling…

We release continuously our negative suppressed feelings from the not fulfilling moments and things what we are doing, through body exercise, sport, EFT, Bio energetic, meditation…

We remain inside empty – (we have released all our negative feelings) so that we start always fresh and motivated. For sure we have forgiven us and others for their mistakes.

We understand that our body needs exercise and good healthy food in order to keep our ideal weight and to be fit….

We are flexible and try out always new things so that our life remains interesting, exciting and full of fun. For sure we have learned to laugh about ourself and have a good humor even in our worst situations. We have goals and keep our focus on the here and know…

We don’t complain, because we know that we are to 100% responsible for our whole life. And this remains until we die…

What is about our body… does our body keeps young? Our body permanently replace their cells; in 7 years every cell is replaced.

What is about the joints of the bones? The joints like the disks in the back or knee joints need 10 to 12 month to be replaced…. The problem with the joints is, that thorough acid food (meat, cooked tomatoes are the worst) salt crystals are in the joints and destroy the joints. The blood vessel are polluted through oil, fat, coffee, minerals from acid food … like a kitchen drain. My joints are better then before, because of eating only raw cost and exercising of Chi Gong (from Mantak Chia), Tai Chi…

They have put 60 to 65 years old together with 20 to 25 years old in a gym (University California)… and trained them for 3 month… Both groups did not done exercise before. The results were that both groups had after 3 month the same results ….

This means the concept of aging is only a thing of the mind… Why we age? The reason is, suppressing of negative feeling without releasing them… And this manifest also in our body, through diseases, fat, aging… When we are really motivated to live, then we care also for our body and don’t take drugs, because drugs makes everything worse. We are taking drugs or seeing TV in order to suppress our negative feelings. The same is true for eating heavy stuff like pizza (is the worst), tarts, mayonnaise or industrial processed food, sugar, oil,…

Why we don’t like to exercise our body, because then the negative suppressed feelings are surfacing…

If we see for instance my body (58 years old) … still the same athletic shape, the same abilities, the same weight, total healthy, even much more creative then ever before… like always to learn new stuff and confront with new situation…. A lot of my friends are keeping them self young with the same formula….

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