For what is the spiritual Path?

The spiritual path wants us to connect with the God, divine, divine happiness, true love, peace in mind, serenity … This is only possible if we get disconnected with our ego or mind.

How can we find this real love, serenity, peace of mind?

The common methods of the religions are a good starting point. Nevertheless, these methods are not effective enough to get our spiritual outcome. The religions and the common religious methods should be our foundation to go further. On the other hand, religion is not necessary to get our spiritual outcome, like peace in mind, real love, serenity, bliss, … Still, the combination of religion, psychology, and spirituality is the best way to get our spirituality.

Spiritual Masters and Mystics designed great techniques, like meditation, Chi-Gong, many different Yoga systems (Kundalini, Bhakti, …), Tantra, Tibetan techniques…

The religion leaders had been mainly against such spiritual techniques because the individuals became independence happy and fulfilled without the need of such exploiting religions!

If we read books from Castaneda about the teaching from his master Don Juan, we discover that there is nothing about religion. It is rather more that Don Juan likes to transform the egos from his disciples and to manipulate their consciousnesses to a higher plan. Our ego is in the way to reach a higher plan. We have to work on our ego so that our ego will not block us to go to a higher state. And that is spirituality.

If we go out of our ego or mind, what happens then? Remember an old radio,… if we want to change a channel, we just turn one button in one direction and looking for a new good signal. We hear first some noise. Still, we turn more and more the button until we have a good signal. The same is true for changing our consciousness state. Psychologist already has discovered 4 different states of the mind Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. There exist many more states of the mind. For instance, The Yogis define the Nivikalpa Samadhi as the highest state of our consciousness.

Even these gurus can go in Samadhi or can easily leave their egos. Still, they have a normal ego. And they can’t get rid of their ego, they can only improve their egos! We need our ego for instance if we like to speak, to eat, to think…

Nevertheless, it is awesome if we could go in Samadhi or if we could choose our consciouses state.

This means for instance for me: That I can go in bliss, and watch my thoughts or enjoy my bliss and have very fewer thoughts. This I can do everywhere. How I make it? I need only to repeat a name of God and then bliss. Or I pull up my energy from my belly to my heart or I position one hand over my belly and the other hand over my heart, or with the sound of the Chinese numbers loud or remote.

If I focus my energy on my Third Eye, then I am very straight and have tremendous power to do what I like. You can learn that too!

Maybe you realize why it is so powerful to learn at least Chi Gong and to get the Kundalini!!!

Still, I have the same problems in life than you!

My video: For what is the spiritual Path?

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