For what we need religion?

My video: For what we need religion

First I want to provoke you… and afterward we find together the solution.

Is religion: For stupid people? For cowards? For what…? To cheat the people with the divine incarnation in order to make money? For making huge money with the fear of going to the hell?

It is sad to say, that all world religion had cheated the people, squeezed them out, killed even people in the name of God/Allah and to the same time we hear that God is love, compassion, forgiveness, ….
If I see the divine incarnations…. I remember, what my first Guru Osho/Bhagwan said on 100 Saints comes one real one, all the others are fakes… The Sufis are saying: 1 real Dervish/Sufi comes on 1000 pseudos Dervishes/Sufis.

The Srimat Bhagavatam has even forecasted 2500years ago what will happen today in this Kaliyuga.:

That there would be no real Sannyasin anymore, that even the Brahman cast would eat meat and drink alcohol drinks…
That the holy cow would be slaughtered in India (Today India is the biggest meet producer in the world, Shame over it!!!)…
That the Faith in God will disappear … At least we can belief in the forecast of the Srimat Bhagavatam, who forecasted also Buddha….

What is, if we simple let go of these so holly people who are mostly not honest…? Then there would be still God, who is not responsible for cheating, killing, in the name of God!!!!

On the other hand, a real Guru can give us the connection to the divine, the kundalini, the initiation in meditation, a satory, heal us and to change our life for the better.

Now I want to come back to our Question: For what we need religion?

To find inner peace, happiness, love, wisdom, confidence and to gain faith in ourself, in the world…! Through running behind worldly things we can’t find inner peace.
What is if we learn to meditate and to relax even in the difficult times, is this not enough? If we can relax even in our difficult times, this is much more, than mostly of all religious people can gain in their life! On the other hand, if we learn religious teaching and spiritual techniques, we can learn much faster meditation and even we will gain bliss, inner love and inner happiness through meditation.
Without religion, we can’t understand our life, our world, and we can’t connect to the Divine/God. So that it is priceless to gain meditation with religion. Still we need to understand ourself, this means to understand our psychology, how we act, why we act, how we can change our belief system, subconscious … I think that psychology is very important to gain what we want, … Without understanding ourself, every step in a new direction of our life is much more difficult. This means we need Meditation, Religion and Psychology to live a happy life.

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