Forgive and Revenge…

Most of the people love much more revenge or punishment for a crime than to forgive…

Our No is much stronger than our Yes.

Our Hate is much stronger than our Love.

This is even telling the Srimad Bhagavatam beside that this is 100% science proofed…

Even you don’t believe that, why are seeing people much more crime and horror movies than love stories? Because people enjoy seeing crime/brutality over love!

There is a study about of Equitable Retribution from the Ohio University

The people love to punish more for what they have got on punishment…

This means:

Forgiveness is worse,

Equally, punishment is too less…

Stories with over punishment are the most liked stories…

And Stories with forgiveness are not liked at all…

How can people live together with such concepts…?

I am as usual the worst…

For instance, a previous girlfriend has recently cheated on me. She should make the registration for my car and got good money for that… I waited over 3 months and wanted my registration done or the Car-book without registration… Without a Car-book, I can’t insure my car again. Even worse, she needed, again and again, my help and wanted more and more money for the registration. I remained calm and forgiving because I am mad or worse…?

Finally, I went to the police to sort the problem out and it worked out…
I had luck, that I got the translation of my description of this case in Thai for free, even from an unknown Thai-girl. And I got a great communication expert from the police (the highest-ranking police officer, about my age) who could genius solve this problem to this time…

What I learned, is that don’t put the delinquent under pressure.

This is exactly the teaching of the very best FBI interviewer and best body language expert, Joe Navarro.

You should be as an interviewer or as parents:

1. Polite.
2. Friendly.
3. Respectful.
4. Relaxed.
5. And forgiving!!!!

And this is the opposite that most people are thinking and doing!!! Instead to be resentful like stupid Trump, be forgiving and polite to gain control even in the worst situations.

The younger police officer, a woman tried always to prove that my previous girlfriend was wrong and this didn’t work out… So the Chief overtook the phone call and made an appointment with her… And I got my old Car-book back.

My Video: Forgive and Revenge…
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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