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Gut-brain connection part 2

D.) Love can heal and protect our gut and even our entire body.

Because when we love we produce the love hormone Oxytocin and this hormone can heal and protect our gut.

A newly born baby colon is actually free of bacteria and gets later colonized.

The best is through mother breast milk. Because inside of the mother milk are:
Oxytocin, and the best Probiotic for the baby that survives the stomach and go directly in the colon.

What does Oxytocin do to the colon?

1.) The nutrition gathering increases through the growing of the microvilli ( I explain later).
2.) Fixed our damages tissues
3.) Help with autism and depression.

The microvilli look like small hairs inside of the small intestines. The microvilli absorb the nutrition and lead them in the blood. So longer the microvilli, so more nutritions they can absorb.

If autistic babies given Oxytocin the autism spectrum decreases significantly…

Love does:

1.) Reduce our stress.
2.) It hopes all things.
3.) It believes all things.
4.) It endorses all things.

For instance, the poorest people in Asia and Africa have better gut flora than even wealthy Western people because they share their love freely!

For the babies who didn’t get mother milk could not build up to longer microvilli and so their digestion is much worse. Even the healthy Probiotic of the mother milk is missing…

A study was done by over 1 million Sweden premature birth, who got antibiotic and no mother milk:
1.) 30% was the increase of depression
2.) 207% of H-Pylori disorder…

D.) Gluten-free diet:

Gluten is in wheat, rye, barley, triticale.
Gluten destroys the microvilli.

You can grow the microvilli when you eat food without gluten for 3 to 6 month or when you are older it needs up to 2 Years.

In any case, stop eat gluten because the gluten harms the small intestines very much.

E.) No snacks!!!

So longer the digestion needs so more unhealthy bacteria…constipation

The stomach usually needs 2 -4.5 hour digest time for a healthy plant-based meal (fruits needs only 10 to 30minutes).

If we eat in between the three daily meals, we increase the digestion to 2- 4 times in our stomach.
Snacks harming the digestion tremendously.

Because if we give the stomach again food during the digestion of the previous meal, the stomach has to start back to digest. Even a little piece of chocolate can increase the digest time 3 times.

3 meals should be enough and nothing in between!

Too much protein harms our colon through unhealthy organism and bacteria.
Mother milk has only1.5% protein, and that is enough.
In fruits and vegetable are 3 to 10% protein.
Vegetarian live longer and have a better gut flora.

F.) Probiotic and Healthy Lactic acid (bacteria).

What is when we grew up?
In the mouth of healthy human are living Probiotic, that are perfect for us… better than the pills.

If we eat healthy fruits/vegetable unprepared, we get these Probiotic from them in our mouth.
But when we wash our fruits/vegetables with 4% vinegar, all of the Probiotic and other bacteria are killed.

With ferment vegetables or mushroom, we get all of the healthy Probiotic.

Our stomach kills most of the harmful bacteria and kills only 70% of the healthy Probiotic on the fruits/vegetable.

For what are the Healthy Lactic acid (bacteria)/ lactate/lactobacilli?

Healthy Lactic acid is protecting our brain for damages through unhealthy bacteria or organism.

We produce lactate through an interval training (a total exhausting exercise in a short time) in our muscles because the sugar in the muscles will ferment to lactate … Or we can get them through probiotic or later described through our self-made yogurt with lactobacilli.

If we get unhealthy lactobacilli in our gut, they produce ethanol alcohol and carbon dioxide in our gut. And later we can become leaky gut.

These unhealthy lactobacilli are used for rye bread (sourdough), wheat bread (yeast) because through the carbon dioxide the bread get elevated, but bad to eat.
So don’t eat fresh bread because not all of the yeast is destroyed. Wait for one day.

Our stomach can’t destroy all of the yeast, and so we get the yeast in our colon.

G.) The legendary dangerous Candida fungus

Candida is the most common cause of fungal infections (yeast) in humans. Candida can be in the gut or in the vagina. The healthy bacteria in the body keep Candida levels under control. However, if healthy bacteria levels are disrupted or the immune system is compromised, Candida can begin to overproduce, and they destroy the healthy bacteria in the gut that can lead to leaky guts.

Candida can live for a long time in our colon dormant, and when the time is right, they grow like crazy.

Through the Candida, we have a lack of energy.

H.) No alcohol

Every alcohol is toxic to our colon and stomach! It damages the tissues and increases the risk of cancer.

Even one glass of wine per day increases the chance of stomach cancer to 36%

Or two glass wine per day increases the risk of Gerd (inflammations between the stomach and the small intestines) up to 17 times

I.) How to produce the most healthy yogurt with the best lactobacilli?

Lactobacilli : “Ideal Bowel Support 299V” (L. Plantarum 299V), (You get it from
Produce healthy yogurt with organic or non-GMO soy milk (without white sugar) or organic cow milk (should be sterilized).
Warm the milk up to 30-35C
Take a capsule of Ideal Bowel Support 299v, open the capsule put the content in 1l milk; if you use soy milk with no sugar inside you need to add a little bit honey; shake it well,
Keep the milk in a thermos bottle warm for 6-8 hours. Shake the yogurt.
Fill the yogurt in a container and put it in the refrigerator.
You can refrigerate for 3 to 4 days. Next time, you can use this yogurt as a starter to make the next yogurt in the same way.
You put a little bit (0.1l) yogurt in 1l warm (30-35C) milk, fill it in a thermos bottle, shake it well and wait for 6- 8hours…
Every soy product must be fermented otherwise it is toxic!!!!
If you have thyroid issues or iodine deficit use cow milk for your yogurt.

In the next weeks, I will show how we can detox our Colon. I have done it already 3 times. Besides that, I am a raw-cost eater for 30 years and stick to the rules of the Natural Hygiene Society (National Health Association). The Natural Hygiene confirms over 200 years everything that I post here, even they have a much strenuous diet. The average Live Span is over 20 years more with their healthy lifestyle.

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