Hair loss remedies

I went through many hair-loss programs and I want to present something that works and is affordable.

Besides severe diseases the reasons for losing hair are:

1. The calcifications of the blood vessels that are supporting the hair roots with nutrition…
2. The lack of nutrition necessary for growing the hair…
3. Stress.
4. The lousy Attitude of the people (to be a sheep) who are losing hairs… People who don’t have the freedom to think freely regardless of what society proclaims is correct, and are 90% of the population.

1. The calcification of the blood vessels is a huge problem caused by dairy products, industrially processed food, and meat…

The Japanese have designed 1000 years ago the dish Natto, which are special fermented Soybeans with Vitamin K2 that drives the calcium from the blood into the bones!
In addition, we have to purify the blood and kidneys with juice from Watermelon with the peel, at least 1/2l per day for at least 2 months. And to clean the liver with milk thistle supplement for at least 6 weeks.

2. Through the bad soil that we have today, our fruits and vegetables have lost 90% of their nutrition within 100 years… So that the population eats too less nutrition.
What is needed for the hairs?

Fish collagen or Gelatin.
Silica for stronger and flexible hairs and bones that hinder them to break too fast…
Natto or Vitamin K2 in MK7 form.
Vitamin B6.
Copper, Zinc.
And you should eat pro-biotics in the form of fermented vegetables, soybeans, or pro-biotic supplements every day. Because then your digestive system will work so much better and can get much more nutrition out of your food.

3. Avoid stress…

How to prevent and regrow the hair…

1. Apply Biotin as a conditioner and/or take a biotin supplement. Biotin is a vitamin B component and so not harmful.
I have tried Biotin Conditioner from Avalon Organics already for over 2 years, and it helps…

In the long run the medicaments minoxidil and finasteride for hair loss are harmful and not useful.

2. Low-level laser therapy for pattern balding with Infrared Laser LED.
This device is expensive you get it from Amazon and eBay. So more laser diodes so better… It has positive science-proofed results for hair loss. But the results are different… So shorter your hair, so better, because the hairs are blocking the infrared light… A laser comb makes more sense.

3. Soft Head massage daily for 20 minutes. Science proofed.

4. Micro-needling is only useful when done by specialists. Science proofed.

5. Hair implants are too expensive.

6. Onion Juice, I am doing it already… It is cheap and affordable with positive science-proofed results…

On a 14-day survival, done with 2 times/day onion juice on the head, even bald patches on the head could grow hair.

Try out 14 days of onion juice on the head for 1 hour, once a day for every day. And then every second/third day…

2 mid-size onions (5cm diameter) should be enough…

Juice the onions, wash your hair before, dry the hair until they are only wet. And slowly put the onion juice on your head and let them 1 hour on your head. Wash the onion juice out of your hair only with water is the best.… Don’t cry…

The first 3 times it is not so easy (without pain, no gain) after that it is easy to do…

7. Rosemary oil is proven for helping hair loss and regrowing hairs, it gets the same results as minoxidil and finasteride without side effects.

You can use only 3 drops (never above 5 drops) of rosemary 100% essential oil for every application. Blend it with water, Baby shampoo, foam it up with a paintbrush… and then massage it softly on your scalp… Let it soak for 2 minutes…

Or blend rosemary oil together with apple cider water, conditioner, or with hair oil, the best is almond oil for your scalp.

The other option is to cook water with rosemary, cool it down until the water is red, and filter the rosemary out. Wash your hair, spray the rosemary-water in your hair, massage it… After 1 hour wash the hair again with water, otherwise the skin can dry out…

You can keep Rosemary water in the refrigerator for only 5 days.

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