How to attract better a new girl/boy-friend?

For most serious relationships, when they meet each other there was this initial spark.
It was different with this person than with the other spouses.
Or the spirit wants with that person to be together.
The spirit in this case means, that it knows the future already…

If we go with our intuition we attract better choices, instead to go with our mind.

What is the enemy of our intuition?
Fear that we cannot accept that person because. –
We had already emotional relationships that didn’t work out.
That hurt us very much…

The difference between fear and intuition is logical deduction.

Our mind wants to analyze and break down that problem. –
The driving force for analyzing is fear…
Intuition doesn’t require thinking, analyzing, or logic, – it knows it already.
Afterward, we get this emotion of a full Revelation, – this is the spouse for what I am looking for.

How can we let go of our fear and don’t sabotage our chances to meet our soul mate?

We have to feel and let go of our emotional past so that we are open to an entirely new relationship…
We should be healed from our traumas.
Otherwise, we just repeat our traumas or relationships with all the same frustration, even if we have changed the partner.
And we see that again and again…

We need the confidence to experience a new chance.

What if both partners have unhealed wounds from previous relationships and meet each other?

It is very difficult to start a new relationship with a lot of unhealed traumas from past relationships…

Mostly this relationship will not survive…

And even most people will reject such an opportunity to be together with an such awesome spouse…

Because it is too difficult, and then people even like to run back to their ex-boy/girlfriend.

Can you heal if you have multiple relationships…?
It is highly unlikely…
Sex with multiple partners is more a less a distraction from our internal problems.

Before you start dating heal first your internal wounds.

The best is to go to a therapist/coach/group (for healing traumas), who can recognize our relationship problems and traumas that we even don’t know about.
And with our coach, we can heal our traumas much faster …
It saves so much time and frustration…

Monitor your progress…
Does the therapy help to get what you want?

There are two different approaches…

1. To cope with our problems. – That never will work out!! Suppressing our emotions never will work!

2. Or to heal our traumas, to experience our pain and emotions. That opens up our hearts again and heals our wounds.


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