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Healthy Food

Healthy food
Do you know that 33% of the Americans have Cancer, Diabetes or severe Heart problems…
The cause of heart attack is industrial processed food, medicaments, too much stress. Diabetes is a quite new diseases, 120 years ago only 0.0028% of the Americans had that. Diabetes is caused through industrial processed food or medicaments. Cancer is caused through industrial processed food, medicaments and suppressed negative feelings… Just go in the supermarket and look, how many shelves are filled with these nice packages, like Corn Flakes, Ready made soup, Noodles, Potato chips… that harms our health. If we around 20 or so, then the eaten junk food can harm us 20 to 30 years later, or even when you are under 30 years old.

If we want to be good to our body, then a detox treatment with fruits and exercise for our body is good.
Eat fruits before the main meal, and not together with cooked food otherwise the fruit will ferment. Wait until the fruit is digested and then you can eat cooked food.
Avoid white sugar (white poison).
The industrial processed oils and fats, that are used mostly everywhere, be it in the salad dressing or as margarine or the cooking oil for the meat… is very bad… like poison. It can clog our arteries in our heart. For instance, the so called salad oil: the producers use paint thinner to get the last drop of the oil out of seeds. Instead of them use only cold pressed oil, fish oil or butter.
Avoid oily and greasy foods, both will make digestion so difficult, for example, just one tablespoon of oil makes digestion take two hours longer! And it will also make you put on weight.
Avoid all cooked fruits including tomatoes, cucumbers, and capsicum because they are then very acidic for the body.
Avoid meat because it is bad for the heart and makes the body acidic. In the meat/seafood that we get in the supermarket is antibiotics, in order to keep the animals healthy; synthetic estrogen and other hormones to grow them faster; dioxins; pesticides; inorganic asenic (in chicken, that can cause cancer, dementia, …) heavy metals and very many other toxic from unhealthy food given to the animals. The antibiotics in the meat that we eat, kills the good and bad bacteria in our bowels, so that our immune system is getting weak.
The biggest problem in becoming a vegetarian is that most people are unable to cook vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is very delicious, nearly everyone who tries it likes it, and I could easily convince you with my cooking (I enjoy cooking for other people). It’s simple to learn how to cook vegetarian food.
Avoid heavy food like pizza (requires twenty-four-hours to be digested), tarts, cheese over baked food, French fries, mayonnaise, too many spices, chilies and coffee.
Industrially manufactured food is typically unhealthy and acidic. First you don’t know how the food has been processed, for instance, they found egg shells in the best brand of noodles from Germany. Then they found out they use the broken eggs from the farmers, including all the dirt to manufacture their noodles. Plus, there is no energy in the food. Also, there are no enzymes in this food. We need enzymes for our digestion and for our immune system. Vitamins are not enough for a healthy body, without the enzymes we can’t absorb the vitamins in our body! If it is written with added vitamins, without the enzymes we can’t absorb the vitamins. If there would be enzymes in the industrial processed food, then the food will be perishable. That means that the Industrially manufactured food will weaken our immune system and destroy the healthy balance of good and not so beneficial bacteria in our bowels.
Just to cook our food in the old and tradition way is much more healthy.
I stick since 26 years to my raw cost, and I see the awesome results from that…

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