How much freedom do we need?

To get married means to half your rights and double your responsibilities. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
Most people don’t understand that…
Be honest, ask yourself: How much freedom you lose with marriage, with a family, with your profession…

We are driven by our desires or the world is desire.
We want to live our passions and don’t understand what that means.

We never can appreciate our freedom when we are alone/separated, divorced; – if this happened through circumstances that we didn’t have under our control….

When most people are alone/single they are longing for a spouse…
Instead to enjoy being alone.

With a spouse, we lose so much of our freedom and we have to worry for our spouse…

If the relationship is not working out and we remain in this relationship, it doesn’t make sense…

But we are a slave of our habits and convenience… so we don’t have the power to separate…

And we feel that the relationship:

Is injustice.
Is pulling us down.
We lose our motivation.
We feel like a slave.
We can’t do what we really want.
We can’t travel as we want.
We can’t say what we think.
We can’t express our emotions as they are.
And we spend so much money on that relationship/family.
We have always to think about money when we have a family.
We have to choose a job that is lucrative enough instead to choose a job that we enjoy most….

When I was a kid, I saw a comic that was so important for understanding life.

The main character had only two happy moments in his life, once as a kid and the second time when he got in love with his spouse…

He was running between two jails; one was his job where he surrendered to his boss and the second jail was his family where he surrendered to his wife/family…
His freedom was the car journey between both jails, and getting stressed out by the traffic jams….
His life was about to function like a machine; not to think too much and not to feel…

The world is desire and the decisions are made through our passions…
I tried out so many things in my life and was happy that I always decided what I like to do with my life.

I was in so many relationships …Was that wrong? Nothing, the very best I could do!!!
The same is true for jobs…
Or I was a monk for over 10 years lived in celibacy and in meditation retreats…
I don’t regret anything…

We follow our own light regardless of how small it is….
Instead follow blindly somebody else light, regardless of how bright it is.

For sure we have an open mind and like to learn something new every day.

And we have to accept the circumstances that we don’t have under our control.

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