How to make Tempeh for your daily probiotics?

Tempeh are fermented beans that are packed in bulk with white spores from fermentation…

Looks like Camembert cheese and taste cheesy…

Tempeh is a delicious cheese.

You can add tempeh to your salad or fermented veggies, like kimchi…
Easy to do and full of healthy probiotics.

The recipe is at the end.

The original recipe is soy-based, and you can literally use any kind of dry beans. When using chickpeas, use split chickpeas, because normal chickpeas are too large and thus do not stick together.

You have to soak the beans then boil them in water.
After boiling, the beans need not be too tender and not too hard.
You have to add white vinegar or I like apple vinegar better.
Because Tempeh starter is a mold that loves an acidic environment and vinegar protects beans against bacteria.
Keep the Tempeh above 25 C and below 35 C for the first 12 hours.
Afterwards, the Tempeh generates enough heat…

You need organic, no GM soy…
600g dry whole soya.
5Tbsp Vinegar.
1 teaspoon 3-5 grams of tempeh starter.
1 teaspoon salt, I prefer pink Himalaya salt.
Clean beans thoroughly in water, we do not want them with insects…
Soak them for eight to twelve hours.
Rinse again in freshwater.
You don’t need to dehull the beans, that is too time consuming.

Take a Power-pressure-pot, put them inside, and add sufficient water for them to be covered with water.
Add your 5 Tablespoon vinegar and 1 Teaspoon salt.
Soy needs about 30 minutes to cook.

Remove the water and the hulls that are floating on the water.
Put the beans back carefully on the heat, stir with a wooden spoon to evaporate the remaining liquid.
The best is to put them on a towel or dry them with a hair dryer, but this is too much work.

Allow the beans to dry and cool to 35 ºC.

Add 1 teaspoon of tempeh powder and mix thoroughly for 1 minute.

You put them in a zip-lock-bag that you punctured every inch or 2.5 cm with a bamboo or metal skewer…
The bag should not be filled thicker than 2.5 cm full of soybeans.

Another option is to use banana leaves. –
So, I have done it. “I have so many banana plants, and it’s much easier.
Cut the leaf stem and patch both sides, so that the banana leaf is sufficiently large.
Don’t perforate the banana leaf.
Cut them into whatever size you want.
Wrap the soybeans in the banana leaf…
You can use a toothpick to glue the bundle together…
Or simply place 100g of weight on it, like a bag with dry soybeans…

Keep the beans for 12 hours between 25-35 C approx…
Then the mould should produce its own heat…

The tempeh should be fermented for 30-40 hours, all time included.

Verify the result.

Tempeh can be refrigerated for a week or frozen for 1/2 year.

When you freeze the Tempeh for six months, the probiotics will stay alive.


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