How to be a model?


So many women and girls dream to be a model, singer, actor…
And they don’t know what is behind that glamour … what they cannot see..

So many young people, want to become famous, but get shipwrecked.

My sister worked in this industry as a graphic designer and art director, she had to choose the models, photographs …

I have seen the YouTube of a model and he is confirming exactly what my sister in Germany has told us!

54% of female models between 13 and 17 years. Child work!
They are doing underwear modeling and mostly without parents,
coming from poor countries to support their family.

In the modeling industry drugs are used often to release tension and on parties.
These parties are with perverted people who spend a lot of money to get the models laid…
Sure the parents don’t know from these drug parties …

The worst happens in Asia… And the very worst country is Japan.
The Japanese love very young girls mostly the models under 18 and never over 25 years.

Sexual favors for work… For sure the photographs, Agents, clients want to have sex with their models be it females or males. Even raping is common, first drugs and then ….
Don’t go alone to a photo shooting!

My sister told us: …
To have sex with the models is normal!!
Otherwise, you will never have a chance as a model!
Bad in the bed means no chances!
The same is true also for female actors in the movie industry and Singers

Think over, how much work, promotion and money it needs to become famous…
And if this is not working out, at least the agents, producers want to have sex!

Models doesn’t get paid very often…
When you got your contracts and you model international …
The industry doesn’t like to pay … You need a good lawyer and much patience to get the money for your work. Or was the money for the sex?

If the model gets finally her money for posing…
The int. Agencies are getting 20-60% of the models money, 10% is getting your mother agency…
Because the Agencies have the connection, without them you are a nobody.
So you can earn 30 to 70%.
The expenses you pay by yourself. – Accommodation, z-card, transportation, flight ticket, agency administration…
The flights and accommodations are organized form the agencies… You have to pay for that, regardless how much the Agencies are charging for that!
If you got not enough jobs in that international place, you are in debt with the agency…

So what, be the lover of the agent/client/photograph…

The work is very hard for the photographs… they are working 8 to 16 hours… So even you are young and beautiful you have to fulfill their dreams…
If not you get abused…!
The photographs, clients are getting fast, very rude.
The models compete with each other and are often also very rude…

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