Now or Never!

There are so many magic moments lost because we didn’t take the chances..

And tomorrow is tomorrow…

And that comes true in nearly every area of our life…

You meet a woman and you know that this will work out…
You look in her eyes and see how beautiful she is…

And then you think I have so many things to do or today I don’t feel so well let’s make it tomorrow… And tomorrow is not the love anymore in her or in you… The chance is gone…

You see a stock soaring up and you think maybe it will not last the stock will bounce..

And like the stock Tesla goes up and up and you are really annoyed that you didn’t take the chance… Tesla went from 100 to 200 to 300 to 400 to 500 to 600 to 700 to 800 within 9 months… How far it will go?

How should we know that this is the magic moment?

Should we trust our gut feeling or throw a coin… ?

Or think what the hell we can lose?

Even we took the chances it can be a total failure or disaster!

Life is Life…

If we are young we don’t calculate too much we just take our chances much easier and think it will work out.

Then we failed and swear that we never will do that again…

We become afraid to take a risk so older we become…

And life becomes boring…

Is it not better to fail and learn from our failing? And to enjoy the risk?

Most of the risk takers are enjoying more their life than lousy cowards!

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