How to become more attractive?

People like to connect with people that are:

Open mind.
Good listener.
Good adviser.
Like to share.
Like to help.

If you see all these habits that are attractive for people… There is also one habit that you have that is attractive. Why you want to hide yourself? You don’t need to be beautiful, young, rich, successful to be attractive!

When I was in a supermarket 50 years ago, I saw a girl who was spontaneously, and emotionally sharing something…
And immediately I could understand that I am attractive because I do the same like that girl…
Earlier I thought I am overly excited…

People who like to give and to share are attractive and that can everybody…

Frequently, we need someone who is a good listener, who ask good question to get the answer that is already inside of us…

I remember when I was a student, we visited often the grandmother of a friend of us… I even repaired her TV…
She was there for us; she could hear and was sharing her food with us… All the time she liked us as we are… She accepted us, regardless how we had been… For a young person, it is very important to be accepted and to be loved… When she needed our help, we helped her… No big deal…
Can you do the same thing?

When you speak with somebody who is pretending, not open, hiding… make you feel good with that person?

When you are speaking with a guy with open mind who wants even to learn something new… Who is asking clever question, who wants to know more, who can listen to you…? And who has not a fixed opinion over everything… Who is ready to change his opinion…? Is that most attractive for you?

You enter a new country and you are anxious… Somebody invites you and wants to speak with you or wants to share something with you… Do you like that?

What is if you see lovely people? Is that an attractive quality?
A small child will find easily lovely people, because it needs love. And it doesn’t care how old, beautiful that person is… Babysitting can do everybody with a fondness for children…

You watch a group of people who have fun… Do you like to be together with them?

Is a funny person attractive? Everybody needs, sometimes fun to distract them from their problems and to relax… You don’t need to be funny all the time, but if you want to have fun with people. Sure…


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