How to come out of a crises?

1.)Do what is meaningful for you.

Regardless of how much money you earn or have if your life has no meaning, you get lost.

When Viktor Frankl was in a KZ of the Nazis, he was challenged…. And then he discovered the “search of meaning” for every human being….

If we don’t support our search for meaning and support other people with their search for meaning we make us and the other people worse.

Because we all have the drift downward and we need the inspiration to counteract our negative side in us. And Money, Facebook, YouTube will not help us, even make us worse.

“When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.” -Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl helped suicide patients to find a meaning or their life. He prevented so more than 20000 suicides.

We can find in any suffering some positive aspects to find a deeper meaning in our life. Just look for it, or suffer!

2.)Narrow down what you really want instead to get lost by too many options.

Choose by the 80/20% rule (20% of the things bring 80% of the results) what you do.
Start small and end up big!

3.) Become yourself, live what you like without harming anybody, regardless of what. Every moment we waste our time instead to go forward, to ask for the things we want.

I see, everywhere anxiety to ask.

I am an introvert, I have a problem to ask, but I ask in any case. Because I have trained that. And you can train that too!!!

4.) Get out of your comfort zone to rewire your brain. Life can be exciting and when it starts to be boring, challenge yourself.

5.)Overcome your materialism.

Remember when you visited a new country when you were trekking with your backpack with less money in your pocket. Life was much happier than to gain wealth, success, power, fame…

When you have saved some money; think over, the new better Laptop or the car will be after some time meaningless. A great journey or to learn something new or to have a new love affair would be better. Don’t get stocked with social values….

6.) Learn to travel inside with meditation. All the happiness is inside and it is for free.

7.) Become grateful for every circumstance and for everything. Because it can teach you something. So more grateful you are so happier you are….

When Nick (No arms, no legs, and no worries) was near to suicide for his crippled life… His parents said, it is your choice to complain or to be grateful!
Today, Nick is rich, has a family and loves to help other people!

8.) Give yourself the time to be sad, depressed instead to fight against your negative feelings.
Learn to accept every emotion and spend some time with every emotion.
So more we fight against our emotions so worse they get.
Just feel them and let them go.

9.) Have compassion for yourself.
Forgive yourself on regular basis.
I treat myself like a baby. I give compassion to me when I am sad, consult me when I am angry… Life can be wonderful.

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