How to Date Boys?

My video: How to Date Boys?

It is much easier than you think.

You think I am not beautiful enough…

I have seen so many times handsome guys are together with unattractive or fat girls…
The average beautiful girls are more attractive than the super sexy, beautiful girls… after research.
The most beautiful girls even think that they are unattractive.

Don’t be a feminist. Boys don’t like or rather more hating feminists… If boys detect a feminist attitude in the girl they want, it is the biggest turndown. Man have a network if a girl is known as a feminist… she doesn’t have any chance anymore to get a man.

Men love to speak openly about everything with their girlfriend… love to do their sport, hobbies with their girlfriend.

For sure a girl who likes only to go shopping, makeup and sit behind a TV or making smartphone are not attractive…

How to get your handsome guy?

Go where are more boys than girls…

Be around and in front of him as much as possible.

Be shy and make this hiding and in the eye looking game. Smile at him…

Men like to be a hero or a problem solver….

Get a problem and ask…

Get involved with him, flat him, smile and say how attractive he is for you, and in the end say… I love you…

Men love sex… If you are not super attractive, get him in your bed, and the man is lost in his lust to you…

If you are very attractive, don’t do so, only when you want a one-night stand… Because you don’t want to be only a sex attractor…

You want that the guy has an interest in you, that he is a man and not such a lousy wimp or coward you see everywhere… If so, you must accept that the guy is deciding for you and that he is an integer.
Test him!!!

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