How to Date Girls?

My video: How to Date Girls?

If men want to date women, they experience fears of rejection, not to be good enough and fear to fail to get her… And their own fears reject the women they like to get…
If we have fear or negative feelings harbor inside of us, that are against or desire, then these negative feelings will sabotage our outcome!!! Our inner child is afraid to get punished from that girl, and so we will get tension, and the inner child will do everything not to get that girl!!!

If we deny our negative feelings, they grow and resist to the things that we want… And that is true for everything in our life… We should feel our negative emotions to get rid of them, instead of just doing it in any way without to feel our negative emotion. (Just breath deep in your negative emotions until they are gone)

Imagine somebody is approaching you, is forced to speak in a calm, relaxed way to you, – to get you… Do you think that is fun? It is rather more disgusting. Everybody can detect that lousy attitude, the tension of that guy, the wrong body posture, the shallow eye contact, the artificial voice, the fake smile, or the drugs he had taken.

Get rid of our fears.

This cute girl that we must have can be the worst witch in the Galaxy… who knows?
How would it be if we change our mind and think without to want to get her: (Don’t put yourself under pressure!)

let see what kind of girl that is,
how to entertain that girl,
how to have fun with that girl.

Or just go to her and say for instance: You are the most beautiful girl I have seen, my heart is running like crazy, and I love to get in touch with you…

What is if that girl is engaged in a conversation, busy, reading a book and you are scared to contact her?
Approach her, and say sorry that I disturb you… I am so attracted to you, I want to get in touch with you… Is it possible to speak with you …

The next stupid thing is to talk like a machine gun, to know for everything an answer… The speaking too much indicates our fear. Still, you say what you like about her. Speak less, feel much and look for the right moment to approach her when she is getting weak, – touch her, embrace her, kiss her, and…. I was with so many girls in the bed without knowing her name or had spoken many words…

When I was in my twenties, I was shy, scared to stutter, afraid that the girl sees my paralyzed face, low self-esteem…
I build up my self-esteem with therapy, Chi- Gong, and meditation. I went to self-experience groups, and there were at least 75% girls and only 25% boys… Easy to get there a girl!

On a party, for instance, I looked in the eyes of an attractive girl, when she looked back, I smiled, she smiled … I approached her and then I embraced her without speaking anything. I was just checking always her signs… And this I could do everywhere.

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