How to deal with men in relationships?

1.) A man is rather more mind orientated and a women more heart orientated…

Problem-solving makes him feel good! Logic makes him feel good! Being mind-oriented makes him want to fix. It’s just how he relates to the world.

A man can not fix the emotions of his spouse. The emotions of females are even scary for men.

Solution: feel your emotions, let your feelings come and go; without disturbing your partner with your feelings.

Nobody can understand with the mind emotions nor can you explain why you have at this moment this feeling… In any case who cares. Feel your emotions and let them go.

Many men may not understand the strong emotional reaction of their spouse. Still, he wants to help. To the same time, he can not help… That makes him feel overwhelmed…

Women should not explain why they feel so, just say it is enough if you are close to me and be silent… until the emotions are over.

2.) Men pull away from women in a close relationship because they like to be independent and autonomous. They need their space to define themselves.

Women pull away because they feel negative emotions, got hurt…. And when the man pulls away, they think that they have done something wrong…

The Females needs intimacy, and if the man pulls away they feel hurt… And they can’t understand that men don’t need so much intimacy …

Let the man separates for a while so that he can recover and feel love again…
Many men hate when women always act like a sling plant… they need their space!

3.) Men like to provide to make women happy …

And he likes to give without to get pressed or to fulfill her desires.

And the women like to organize and don’t want to give the room for free giving …

For instance, my father liked to give as a surprise something, and my mother wanted rather more that he is delivering exactly what she wants…

Give more space to the man; otherwise, he doesn’t like to be the provider anymore or to function for his spouse!

Remember, a man feels competent by doing. A woman feels loved by being taken care of.

If you want your relationship run smoother, give up some control and let a man start doing things for you. Everyone will be much happier as a result.

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