You can’t force it!

Imagine you are a baby and your mother force you not to cry.
Do you think that this will work?

Imagine you do positive thinking and force yourself to be positive…
Do you think that this will work?

And both is the same!

Express your negative emotions, don’t suppress them! The Feelings are creating thoughts. It is only a one-way road, science proofed! Thoughts can’t create emotions!

There exist no great Actor or Singer who doesn’t express their feelings on the stage totally!
What is then bad on emotions?

People who never have studied psychology have created positive thinking…

The side effects of positive thinking are devastating diseases… and that is good for the doctors…

And always, in the end, it proves that Freud, Jung, Adler, and Reich had been right…

We have to remove our negative suppressed feelings and traumas to change ourselves.

Otherwise our traumas, suppressed feelings will sabotage our success or outcome…

What is inside is outside, every obstacle that we face outside is created through our psychology and that have proved at least Freud, Jung, Adler, and Reich …

And there is no way around it…

Freud had used Hypnosis, and still, it is not good enough?

The today Hypnosis is done with positive thinking and NLP… And so the Hypnosis is not efficient anymore! How stupid because the Positive thinkers have done so!!!!

For instance, if I make a Hypnosis Mp3 and hear it every night before I sleep for at least 30 days. I can change a lot with releasing of my negative suppressed feelings… even I am not aware of it!…

And then I attract the things that I need without forcing anything…

Life is simple, or we make it difficult!

For instance, I was in the Male Menopause and had huge sexual problems; I didn’t like to have sex…

What to do?

Hypnosis. Here is a part of my Hypnosis script
(I am a certified Hypnotist)

Relax and relax more and more.

Remember and feel that you have failed in the bed. Remember these devastating moments and let them go.
You have 1 minute time.

Remember and feel your fears of being together with an unknown woman in the bed… And let them go.
You have 1 minute.

Think of any moralities that prevent you from having sex with any women. And let them go.
You have 1 minute.

Forget all of your bad experience in the bed together with a woman.

Relax and relax more. Notice how relaxed you are right now.

Remember the beautiful moments when you had sex with so different women, and you had no problem.

Remember for 2 minutes those moments.

It goes on and on, and I address later all of my sexual problems…

Life is simple or we make it difficult!

I hope this will help You!!!

My Video: You can’t force it!
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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