How to make your work fun?

When you do not like your work, make two lists. One list should be of what you like about your work, and the other list should be what you do not want. Also, think about what you can afford while working at this job.

Choose one or two tasks you do not want and focus on how to make them good and fun in the next months.

Check the reason why you do not like these tasks. If your idea or attitude is wrong, then change them. Maybe you see these tasks from a mistaken viewpoint. Ask friends to help you to improve your opinion about these tasks to become happy through these tasks.

Check your mindset about these tasks until you are happy and fulfilled through these tasks, and you have accomplished your goal. See the good in everything, or do you prefer to suffer?

One boss said to me, ‘What you cannot or do not like, you have to do this to become better.’ He said, ‘I know you have problems with phoning that you’ll need to call me about, so I give you my extension when I am not at my desk.’ Unfortunately, I had two chiefs, and the other manager made the same. So then I had to make for them the phone calls and even had to decide for them. I learned a lot.

We have our happiness in our hands!

If we have boring work to do, we can do a meditation out of them or just relax. Stressful jobs are challenging us to remain relaxed and focused.

We can solve problems with colleagues if we change the way we talk to and approach them. There are many books for dealing with difficult people. We can learn so much and even have fun trying out the different strategies to deal with difficult people.

Stupid people cultivate their weakness, sorrow, and ego, while wise people eliminate their weakness, pain, and ego.

Even if I am qualified, I should be able to make any type of work without any complaints. Life shows us again and again how fast we can slip down and have to start again with a simple task to make money.

I remember my time at the ashram. Nobody liked to wash the dishes after midnight. Imagine pots and dishes from over twenty thousand people. Nevertheless, we always had a group of people for this task. One time, it had been three professors, one doctor, and me. The group chose me as the supervisor; this meant I had more to do than the others did. Imagine a room, 300 square foot, filled with pots and dishes. We did this chore without hesitation or complaint. For everyone, it was just very natural to do this chore.

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