How to dissolve anxiety with Yoga?

We do have two sides inside of ourselves.

Both sides are not united and have different desires.

Mostly we have a conflict between both sides.

When we unify both sides, then the conflict and the anxiety are over…

The solution is easy.

You put both palms exactly together so that each finger touches the finger of the opposite side…

And You keep both hands together for 10 to 15 minutes…

Look with utmost love and appreciation… towards something that matters to you…

It could be your wife, husband… a problem.
Just look at them with the utmost pleasantness that you can generate…

Recognizing how important they are to you; many things will change.

I have tried this method by myself for over 2 months and it works, so at least 50% of the anxiety will be dissolved. It even works when you lie in the bed and you cannot sleep.


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