Why is 108 a sacred number?

Without this sacred number, life is not possible for us. ….

And this knowledge comes from the Hindu religion.

Why has the moon the same size as the Sun when we look at the Sky?

If we divide the (Distance moon from the earth) / (Diameter of the moon) = 108

If we do the same for the sun (Distance Sun from the earth) /(Diameter of the sun) = 108

We calculate with the average of an ellipse!

ONLY, if we find the same ratio of 108 for the Moon and Sun to the Earth, then life is possible!

I will prove that…

1. We agree that without the sun, life is not possible!

2. If the sun is much closer or much farther away from the earth, life is for us not possible, so the number 108 is crucial.

3. Without the moon and the ratio of 108, life is not possible for us.

Why is the moon important for life?

The Moon needs 28 days to orbit around the earth.
The Woman’s reproduction cycle is 28 days.
Birth is 10 times the reproductive cycle.
Birth for Dogs, cats are 28 x 2… 56 days
The cow is the same as humans…

Without the moon, there is no reproduction or interest in mating.
The same is true for plants, if we plant the plants with a rising moon the harvest will be much more or even possible.

Through the moon, the earth sustains an angle while spinning around, and through that, we have the 4 seasons…

For instance, the Mercury or Venus has no moon, so they spin around at 0 grad or at 180 degrees…

If the moon comes 10% closer, we would have tsunamis everywhere and that would destroy the life on our planet.

If the moon’s distance is10% more from the Earth;
the Earth would start to wobble and becomes unstable when spinning;
The pol-ice would go to the equator, melt, and destroys so the life on our earth.

Mars has 2 moons and the ratio is not 108;
so, the Mars is wobbling;
The Mars axial tilt is not regulated.

The moon has to have that 108 distance ratio from the sun to live on the earth.

Just a 2% difference in this ratio for moon or sun, would be catastrophic and no life is possible.

If we look for another world, we will be not successful when it doesn’t have a ratio of 108.

Stop destroying the world and we need peace!

What else magic is connected with the number 108?

108 = 1*1 x 2*2 x 3*3 = 1x1x2x2x3x3x3

The Fibonacci golden ratio is 2 x Sin (108/2) = 1.618

108 = 9 x 12

9 is a divine number and also the number 12

For our astrology, we do have 9 planets that can show us different influences on the earth.

Regardless of how we multiply the 9 we get always the result of the digit sum 9…

9 x 9 = 81 or 9
9 x 12 = 108 or 9
A circle has 360 degrees
A triangle has 180 degrees
A rectangle has 360 degrees
A pentagon has 540 degrees and every angle is 108 degrees
The number 12 is even more magical…


My Video: Why is 108 a sacred number? https://youtu.be/4HQgvhs3mxY
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/Why-is-the-108-a-sacred-number.mp3


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