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How to Elevate Your Mindset?

I will describe the difference between:
Separateness versus Oneness and how to connect again, to love again…

In every crisis, we feel so separate from people, God, and ourselves…
We have lost our love.
We feel weaker.
This state of our mind is called “separateness”.

When we feel love we connect with people, to ourselves, to the environment.
We feel to be “one” or “Oneness”.
We feel a connection to people, to nature, to God…

Quote bible, Romans 8:33
Neither Height nor Depth.
Nor anything else in all creation.
Will be able to separate us from the Love of God

How to go into oneness?
We love.
We love what we do.
We open our hearts and love people.
When we focus on love, fear dissipates

Fear separates us divides us and love unites us.

How to go from separateness to oneness?
We all have this void in us that we want to fill with something.

For instance Obesity… to eat regardless of what to fill that void this a substitute-satisfaction that never will work positively.
This is true also for success and money.

But only God can make you whole.
This void is like a wound in us.
So the more we feel separate, so bigger our wound.
So the more we feel love so more this wound heals…

And a relationship with God makes you feel whole.
Because we are created for relationships.
Loneliness is a disease that means isolation…
Isolation is the killer number one, for suicide.

If we get more and more separated, everything gets worse.
If we have a leak or hole in us, that means this void…
We want to fill it with substitute satisfaction, and so we don’t have to feel it…
Then comes a storm with strong rain…
So that the hole in us leaks.
We feel so much separateness, its reality was already there…
Actually, we need that crisis/challenge to recognize our separateness and to open up again for love…
But most people even close their hearts more than before that crisis…

A good salesman feels connected with his customer so that he can sell…
Artificial smiles don’t help, because they separate you from your customer…
Faking never helps.

Simple love what you do.

If you go on stage and want the people to love you… You are wrong!
You go on the stage to serve the auditorium and even to love them…

The same is true for loving your friends and loving people.
Everybody wants love.
If you love people, then the people come to you for love.

If you seek connection:
You get clarity.

Love the competition and the challenges, then your fear disappears.
You get better.

Make a list of what you love:
In your relationship.
In your job.

And focus on that love.
So that this love shines above the things that you dislike…
Otherwise, you go down…
Feel the pain from the things that you dislike and hate…
And let it go…

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