How to Enjoy Life more?

1. Find time to Relax…
If you don’t have time to relax you will run in huge problems! All what is needed is to relax! Schedule free time for yourself!

2. Avoid the News
We don’t need the negative news that are sucking our energy out. Trust that if something important happens, you’ll know about it. Spend your time on something more worthwhile.

3. Nurture Your Positive Relationships.
Make time to nurture the positive relationships you have with friends and family. Identify the people who lift you up and focus your energy on them.

4. Meet New People.
Be open for new people… Because it will provide us with new ideas, perspectives and chances.

5. Explore New Places
New places and cultures offer a different perspective on the world and add a healthy dose of inspiration and possibility to our lives.

6. Keep a Wish List
Write down your true desires, watch what you can accomplish and think which desires you should change over time!

7. Try New Things
Explore new things…

8. Spend Money on Experiences and not Possessions.
It’s experiences, not possessions, that create memories and meaning.

9. Cut down Your Junk
Make space in your place where you live. Get rid of the clutter and be surrounded only with the things that you like.

10. Make Time for Gratitude and Appreciation.
How to start a positive life? Be thankful what you have and get… Start with a gratitude journal. And say always “thank you” for everything that you get.

11. Track How you spend Your Time
If we are conscious how we spend our time we save so much time. Don’t waste your time!

12. Invest in Yourself
The more self-aware and self-accepting we are, the happier we are. Make time to read personal development books, journal, and focus on being compassionate towards yourself.

14. Accept bad as good times, both are necessary.
And so is it with our emotions… All emotions are good … We are feeling beings that can think! Don’t get stacked in your negative emotions.

15. Celebrate Small Wins
Make time to celebrate your wins—no matter how small, and focus on enjoying the journey rather than the destination.

16. Get Outside
Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your skin, and enjoy a good dose of Vitamin D and fresh air.

17. Speak Your Mind
When we hold back our thoughts, opinions, and desires out of fear of displeasing others, we’re not being true to ourselves. Speak up and feel uncomfortable in the short-term and you’ll enjoy life more in the long-term.

18. Get Active
Exercises releases endorphins, natural pain-relieving and stress-busting chemicals.

19. Keep Learning


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