Is love an illusion?

A true story… There was a couple who was loving each other continuously over 20 years…. This love was so outstanding and exceptionally that this couple got admired…

From the beginning on, when they met each other both were writing a diary.

Their friends asking them how would it be to publish a book about their great love…

Both agreed. They thought it would be easy to write a book about their love, because they had written down their experience every day in a diary.

And then they were reading their experience of the same days in front of each other.

Afterward, they separated!

What was the problem?

On the same days both experienced differently their love…
When one thought, the other love me so much on this day, the opposite was true…

They could not understand, what the main thing about true love is:

To love the other person, regardless of what…

It is ONLY important in a love relationship that you open your heart and surrender your love to your darling…

It is NOT important if you get appreciated for your love…

Love is ALWAYS selfless!

Love wants always to surrender WITHOUT ANY CONDITION!

Love wants always to serve!

I have heard it Millions of times: I love you…
And I thought always that we will see!

Deeds are speaking louder than words…

Most of the time I have heard “I love you” because my darling wanted something from me…
So that this “I love you” was just only a strategy…

The other times, it was not necessary to say: “I love You”

Bhagwan and I understood independently so more often you say “I love you” so faster the love will end!

It is counterproductive to say, I love you!


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