How to enjoy the Danish lifestyle?

Denmark is under the 3 top happiest countries since many years…

I think we can learn from them, the hygge lifestyle!

1.) The concept of hygge is taking action that serves you instead to look for solutions on the internet. Take your downtime seriously and look for relaxation. Choose, instead to distract yourself from yourself.

2.) Look for the minimum on furniture and things in your home … that will relax you. And choose Wood because it feels so well and looks cozy… Look at my home everything is out of wood…

3.) Get rid of this terrible blue-white light… and look for a light with 2700-3000 Kelvin and also get some red lights… That relax your mind and your eyes. For sure, candlelight is the best… but here in Thailand we like it cool.
Sit close to the window with the sunlight coming in …

4.) Surround yourself with nature… If you live in the city get as much as possible plants for your apartment… That feels good and is good! And it will never harm you even when you sleep.

5.) Enjoy hot cacao or cocoa with water and honey… Yes, it is very healthy and feels so good.

6.) Cardamom is a good smelling herb that you can put everywhere… it tastes good and is healthy.

7.) Enjoy your time at home and choose the most comfortable cloth… regardless of how that looks… You should feel happy in that cloth…

8.) Buy the clothing that feels good on your skin instead to buy designer cloth to look good. Because we want to feel good…

9.) Treat yourself with respect…
Serve yourself a good meal on a nice plate and with all kind of decoration… Because you are your best guest. Eat slowly and enjoy.

10.) Take cuddling seriously… Cuddle with your partner, kids or pets… Or give yourself a healing…

Maybe I am a Danish … Only I don’t take Cardamom all the other points are my lifestyle for 35 years… Who wonders? I lived in Bremen and Bremen is close to Denmark… And Bremen is one of the happiest city in Germany. Convinced?

My Video: How to enjoy the Danish lifestyle?
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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