How to get out of your negativity?

What will never work? Drugs, and to be afraid of your negativity.
Both make it easy for your ego to remain negative.

Instead to confront your negativity.

Why got you depressed?

1. You have suppressed your negative emotions. That produces your negative thoughts.

2. Or you didn’t take the risk and you have chosen to stay safe…
And then your soul is punishing you with your negativity.

3. Or you took the risk, but lost… And instead, to go up immediately and start new, you remained in your negativity and suppressed your negative feelings.


1. Go deep into your negativity and make fun out of your negativity…

2. Make brainstorming, write down your negativity…

3. Go deep in your negativity and feel the emotions that have caused the depression.

4. Breath deep in your feelings and when breathing out you release the negative emotions… Make this for 10 to 20minutes.

5. Make a worry list… prioritize them and then find the solutions for every worry/fear…

6. Make EFT for your suppressed negative emotions.

7. Exhaust your body with jogging, swimming, cycling or dancing like crazy for at least a half-hour every day!

Meditation to release your Negativity

This is a purifying Meditation, and it is an excellent meditation for discovering how our mind is working. We all have negativity inside of ourselves, and we are sometimes unaware of it, so let out your negativity. Watch and let happen. The meditation is done with eyes closed.
For 20 minutes, we let out our negative feelings and think only negatively. We nag, complain, abuse and criticize as much as possible. Positive thinking is strictly forbidden. We can move our body as much as we like with depressing music because we want to enjoy our negativity.
For 10 minutes we exaggerate even more of our negativity. We can move our body as much as we like with depressing music. For sure laughing and positive thinking are strictly forbidden because we still want to enjoy our negativity.
For 10 minutes we laugh, and make jokes over us and our situation, with inspiring music! Stop thinking negative!
We sit in meditation for 15 minutes without music.
5. We laugh, dance, and celebrate with enjoyable music for 10 minutes.

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