How to get rid of the fear of Death?

Read this, and your fear will diminish.
1 had 3 times already a Near Death Experience.
Last time, I didn’t like to come back.

I cannot die, I am energy (A. Einstein’s last words).
You cannot destroy energy only transform it.

If we read the reports of the hospices…
In the hospices, the terminally ill people report again and again to have contact with their ancestors or dead spouses… (so they are not dead)
Even they feel the touch and have conversations of the spirits.
Sure, why not?

New science about Near Death Experience…

The Near Death Experience, NDEs, from around the world are very similar and have so many things in common.

A list of 4 different NDE that can happen

1. When we go out of the body there is a sudden change for everybody. And from instance to instance all pain, anxiety, noise is gone. And there is just peace, calmness, and beauty…
Some reports joy, insights just like I am dead.

2. There is a sudden change, and then a floating above the own body and they see their own body. And they watch and listen to the nurses or doctor from above to try everything to bring them back… There is no brain activity anymore. Afterward, they can report exactly what happens. That happened exactly with me 2 times. Even, I heard, no heartbeat anymore, he is dead… And then the doctor said shut up we will bring him back…

3. There is a sudden change and they experience complete darkness and like to be in a coffin. 98 to 99% of the people describe that as a comfortable space, pleasant.
1% to 2% of the people describe that as scary, terrible noises, terrible smells and terrible creatures. After some time, it can change to be pleasant. This experience is universal to all religions and countries the same.

4. There is a sudden change and they experience complete darkness. Out of this complete darkness, a light is shining, this light is far away, very warm (no LED light), very bright, and very attractive. Out of this light, a tunnel is formed and the people are flying towards that light… The light is getting closer and brighter.

Only 10% of the NDE reaches the last stage of the NDE.

There is a certain change and then a beautiful surrounding, beautiful colors (awesome, I never have experienced such colors in my life), and a feeling of unconditional love.
And then a flash of the whole life in beautiful colors, one event after the next until their death. (Yes…) Some meet previous relatives that died before. Some reported a beam out of light, love… Some feel that they have to come back because they have to do something; a task that is not fulfilled already. Or some dead relatives/ shinning being called them to come back. (God called me to come back.)

After the NDE people do a personality change… They are after the NDE more social, have more empathy, can lose their materialistic attitude, they are more spiritual (that fits me).

99% of all who had an NDE lose the fear of dying.

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