The UFO phenomenon

Nothing is impossible. (See YouTube link at the end.)

After disclosure of the high-security documents about UFOS in the USA, it is proved there exist UFOS. This means intelligent beings from another Galaxy have visited the most stupid beings ever have lived,
that are driven by greed and self-destruction;
killing their own species with poison food and medicaments and through wars;
destroying their own planet within a so short time…
Yes, I mean human beings.

2003 was founded a top-secret intelligent service that should invest in UFOS.

The nuclear military sides and most advanced military sides of the USA were observed from UFOS and that is proved to be 100%. There exist records of that.

The pilots of the USA military sides tried their best to catch up with the UFOS and tried to destroy them…

It was not possible, because the UFOS had been too fast (supersonic) and agile and the UFOS even knew, where are the most secret military bases of the USA are.

The UFOS just confronted the American Army.

And that happened in the last 50 years again and again…

After every UFO confrontation on American Nuclear Military facilities in Australia; the USA- and Australian Intelligent service threatened the high creditable witnesses not to disclose anything.

The same is true also in the USA, the intelligence service has threatened every creditable witness who had watched the UFOS.

We have to live with that information, and I still believe that many UFO reports are wrong, but also some are true.

If we sum up, the UFOS never have threatened us! But the American Nuclear sides are a huge threat to the entire world and so are the cold wars against Russia and China.

We should live in peace instead to create again and again new enemies out of fabricated evidence and that is the threat and not the UFOS.

Even there exist intelligence that is superior to humans, and that is not difficult…
We should focus on the Lord and should not be distracted from aliens!

Praise the Lord!
Because everything is under the control of the Lord and no alien is superior to the Lord.

So, I don’t care for aliens, but I care for the stupid behavior of big nations that are threatening and killing people.

My Video: The UFO phenomenon
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