Restore your brain with nature.

Unplug and go in Nature.

If we unplug from all digital devices and go in nature, we can truly relax…
We are actually disconnected from Nature, our friends, family, and from ourselves through using a cell phone, computer, and TV.

The average American spends 10 hours/per day of his/her time in front of a digital screen.
And spends only 30 minutes outside in nature.

Digital devices force us to multitask.
For instance, when we care for other people, we do to the same time Facebook…
So, we are still not good at multitasking, only 2% of the population is doing well with multitasking.
Multitasking is now for everybody, we do at least 20%.
Multitasking generates stress.
Multitasking is linked to Dopamine, and behavior addiction, and human error.
Increase our heart pressure.
Multitasking influence negatively our brain function, so that the brain becomes fatigued.

The next study was done with 2 groups, one group used their cell phone when walking through nature and the other group could not use any digital device…
The group by using the cell phone, their brains were under activity.
The group without any digital device, their brains relaxed, and that last even after the walk for at least 20 minutes.
The group with the cell phone could only remember 50% of what they have seen.

What happens if we stay 3 days continuously in nature without a digital device…?
The brain relaxes much more and could recognize much more of nature…
Eventually, nature becomes normal for the brain…


Improved short-time memory.
Enhance working memory.
Better problem-solving.
Greater creativity.
Lower level of stress.
Higher positive feeling of wellbeing.
Improves our productivity.
Reduce our stress level.
Make us feel better.

My Video: Restore your brain with nature.
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