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How to get the power back?

They have thrown a baby rat in a bucket of water and stopped the time how long it will swim easily.

And then they gave the baby rat Probiotic… The results were outstanding.

With Probiotic we feel less anxious and our endurance will be much higher.

Even better, if we want to lose some weight with Probiotic it is much easier and faster. Because we need a good digestion and don’t want to clog our intestine by reducing our food.

We don’t want to poison our guts through a too slowly digestion. Our digestion should be fast and efficient.

A slow digestion reduces our power because we need 70% of our energy for the digestion.

So worse our digestion through bad bacteria so more we store fat in our body. And we attract with a slow digestion inflammation. We poison our body!

Imagine you give a spoiled mango in a basket with ripe mangoes. What will happen?

The same will happen in your guts when your digestion is slow. Fresh food will spoil in your gut and will poison your body.

The worst scenery is to eat fruits or a sweet dessert after eating a salami pizza. Our digestion will need for the pizza 24 to 36 hours and normally, the fruits need only up to 30 minutes for the digestion.

First, the pizza and the fruits will be rotten and fermented to alcohol and poison in our stomach and then delivered to our guts. Our stomach needs up to 18 hours to digest that combination of food. The guts extract the nutrition and need again 12 hours until they excrete the excrement.

Remember, the wine producer put sulfate inside the wine otherwise the wine will be poison….

The cancer cells need fermented sugar and love the acid environment that creates the pizza with the sweet dessert.

The gut-brain connection.

A worse digestion will affect our body and mind. Our feelings and thoughts can affect our digestion. Our emotion will be processed through our guts. The Oxford University has proved that with their rat and Probiotic experiment.

1.) A slow digestion or constipation indicates that we are blocked in our thinking or that we over think – thinking paralyzes.

2.) The Diarrhea shows us that we have deep fears.

If we improve our digestion, then we reduce the risk of constipation or diarrhea.

We should have at least 1 bowels movements/day …

Our today food is poison for our guts because it is with antibiotics, arsenic, white sugar, industrially processed food, too less enzymes, too less fiber, too much meat and fish … And that kills our healthy bacteria in our guts.

The Probiotic will replace our unhealthy bacteria with healthy bacteria.

The best Probiotic is from fermented vegetables, Korean Kimchi (You can make both by yourself) or Kefir-milk.

Eat the fruits before your main meal and wait 30 minutes until the fruits are digested.

Almost any industrial processed food has white sugar inside (good for cancer) and no enzymes.

All combination with meat and grains need over 14 hours of digestion.

Eat meat/fish/poultry only with vegetables. Better is not to eat any meat/fish/poultry.

Make a list what you eat every day and in which combination. Don’t judge and don’t blemish you. A bad consciousness makes everything worse.
Accept what you do and change in baby steps.

Awareness is always the first step before we can change anything.

Start to take Probiotic.

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