How to lose weight?

The biggest problems for losing weight:

1.) Outdated strategies that never worked and are still done…

A.) Count every calorie… That never works because our weight loss is mainly a result of our body exercise. Every food has calories and we should choose the right food. We choose to eat a lot of fiber, enzymes, and vitamins from fresh raw food… Add fermented vegetable with ground flaxseed for an awesome digestion. So better the digestion so easier is to lose weight. Avoid eating Junk-food and industrially processed food.

B.) Do cardio training… Instead, do body exercise that you love! You can perfect your optimum training later! To get started with fun is the best.

C.) The scale never lies… I jump only on a scale:
1.) in the morning after going to the toilet,
2.) nothing is eaten or drunk before,
3.) and even nude.
To check our weight daily never works out, because our body weight depends on many factors. Once a week is enough and do it as I have described.

D.)You’ve got to burn it to earn it.
This gives us only a bad consciousness when we eat. The bad consciousness is always working against us. Any Food should never cause a bad consciousness. We consume as good as we can healthy food. Okay?! For every day, celebrate when you stick to your healthy lifestyle.

2.) To force somebody to a specific diet for losing weight.
I have read again how hard it is to stay on a diet that exhausts our mind and body.
When You lose weight, you lose also your muscle strength. Body Exercise is in any case to do. So more we exercise so less we have to exercise our jaw!!! That is science proofed.
When you lose weight you lose also toxic substances in your body. And then you will feel miserable. Drink more water instead of eating more. Because purified water detox.

3.) We want something: The spirit that likes the enlightenment is the spirit that prevents enlightenment. Be focus on a healthy lifestyle and on a fulfilling life!
Have you recognized that most fat people overeating because they have problems and suppressing with the food their feelings?

How would it be:

A.) To solve our problems.
B.) To feel our negative feelings until they are gone?
C.) So more corpulent so less you feel. Do you think that will work out?
D.) So fatter a woman so less sexual arousal the woman feels! Frustrated sex and then overeating is common. Solve your sexual problems.

4.) To motivate… Just do it with a hypnosis mp3… In hypnosis, you can enforce yourself to do things 100 times more than in our normal consciousness. I have done also a weight-loss hypnosis mp3 if you like the downloads at the end. Or you can get an mp3 from my teacher Dr. Steve G. Jones. Google him.

My Video: How to lose weight?
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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Weight-loss hypnosis with sleep:

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