How to make healthy vegan yogurt?

Our body has a brain barrier to protect the brain from harmful organisms and bacteria. The brain barrier needs lactobacilli or L. Plantarum 299V protects our brain.
In regular yogurt are a few lactobacilli, but not enough.
How to produce the healthiest yogurt with the best lactobacilli?
Lactobacilli: “Ideal Bowel Support 299V” (L. Plantarum 299V), (You get it from
Or you get Lactobacilli powder a lot cheaper from India through eBay.
Produce healthy yogurt with organic soy or GMO-free soy (no white sugar), coconut milk, or almond milk.
I prefer coconut milk.
Heat milk to 30-35 C.
Take a capsule of Ideal Bowel Support 299v, open the capsule, and put the contents in 1l milk.
If you use sugar-free soy milk inside, you need to add some honey; shake it well.
Keep the milk in a thermos bottle warm for 10 to 12 hours.
Fill the yogurt in a container and place it in the fridge.
It can be refrigerated for 3-4 days.
Next time, you can use this yogurt as a starter to make the next yogurt in the same way.
You put a little (0.1l) yogurt in 1l hot milk (30-35C), fill it up in a thermos bottle, shake it well, and wait 6-8hours…
Soy is highly beneficial to the body. If you have an allergy to soy or soy products or a thyroid disorder while eating soy, you cannot use soy.
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