Why cannot we open our hearts?


Because of our past!

Through negative experiences in relationships, be it traumas,- the people got hurt and then these suppressed negative emotions from getting hurt have programmed the mind negatively.

And if we want to open our hearts, then automatically the negative thoughts from getting hurt surface and trigger the suppressed negative emotions…

And we experience these traumas again, or the heart decides to close up so that we can’t feel love.

My childhood was hell, I could not feel love. Then I did body and feeling-orientated therapy combined with Meditation. These Therapies/ Meditations I did, when I was a devote of Bhagwan/Osho. Additionally, I did Tantra to open up my heart even more. And these techniques opened up every heart from every devote!!!! Afterward, I had so great love stories that I experienced God…

Dr. Joe Dispenza can prove that we can reverse these negative traumas by closing our hearts and be open to love again.
Then we should feel a love that never demands anything that is selfless…

If we could (and nearly nobody can do so) imagine total love, then we would open our hearts and could love every time when we want, even under the worst circumstances… And we would radiate love…

After I have opened my heart to the Lord, I can/could repeat this experience even without any imagination…

If we have the Kundalini, we can raise our Sex-energy from the lowest Chakra to the heart and further…
We can use for that, for instance, sounds, Qigong 2 hands method, …

And these spiritual techniques even work for a good degree without the Kundalini and are so much easier to learn than the method of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

And I can prove that, for instance, go to a Dikir night from the Sufis or go to the African church when a healer is conducting the worship of Jesus; and just sing and dance totally for Jesus….
So more you surrender so higher will be that love… And it makes fun and joy.


My Video: Why cannot we open our hearts? https://youtu.be/TpJftAqzteA
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast3/Why-cannot-we-open-our-hearts.mp3

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