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How to reverse Knee degeneration?

If you want to suffer by knee pain don’t read this article!!!!

Until I changed my life I had to suffer from severe knee pain. Sometimes it was so awful, when I went up the stairs the knee pain knocked me down… And I had strong scoliosis with severe disk problems and that impacted my knees…

How healthy knee joints are working?

We have liquid inside of the knees that helps to rejuvenate the knees and to lubricate the knees… Through moving of our knees the healthy knee joints get its nutritions through the pumping (caused by the moving of the knee joints) of the liquid in and out. And by that, the Cartilage will be restored!!!

So more we use our knees so better they get.

If we have clogged the supply or the drain of this liquid our knees can’t function properly anymore… And this happens through:

Arthrosis (happen by older people).
Arthritis (inflammation inside of the knee).
Or calcium crystals inside of the knee joints.
Or through accidents …

The Arthrosis or the Calcium crystals in the joints are caused by acid food like meat, fish, poultry and industrially produced food…

What to do?

Maybe change your Diet and make Body-exercises?

If the knee pain is increasing more and more, the reason might be that the blood supply is loaded with unhealthy ingredients
– Acid food…and too less exercises …

You need to exercise your knees:
with less pressure…
and your knees should bend and never should be straight…

So what, get a bicycle and adjust the saddle to the height that your knee will be never straight (20% is perfect).
Ride the bicycle every day for at least 20 minutes.
And eat every day 1 spoon Gelatin (blend it with water) to regrow the Cartilage. And if you do so your knee can recover!!

Never stand with straight knees! Because it blocks the energy and your knees are not designed for that… Look at monkeys…

YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR DIET! Otherwise, the unhealthy blood will not support the healing … for this you need healthy blood that doesn’t clog the arteries inside of the knee!!!
And today medicaments even slowing our healing!

The orthopedic doctor tells you from a worn-out knee… and that is total nonsense because the knees are rebuilding itself again and again when using proper exercise and healthy food (get rid of your meat!!!)

If we see the whole structure of our legs and spine we discover that if one part of the legs or spine is not working properly it will affect the knees…
And that is so crucial to understand.

What will affect the knees?
For instance :
Problems/pain in the lower back, or neck.
The disk (Lumber) L3 is protruded or broken.
Standing a long time with straight knees.
High heels shoes or unhealthy shoes… get a medical foot sole.

Because all of these examples will change the bio-mechanics and geometry of the knee-joints…
Side effects: Digestion-, bladder-, sleep- problems…
Even a small injury can affect your whole body…

You have to restore everything in your lower back, in the legs and even in your whole spine so that your knees can function properly…
Otherwise, the damage will become worse every day!
My Tibetan doctor said, your knee-pain has a history…
It starts slowly.

And so I did, and my knees and spine are healed and I don’t have pain for over 20 years!

Healing suggestion by Osteopathy:
If you inject dextrose with water in the cartilages of the knees the cartilage will grow. And so you can rebuild your joints.

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Reversing Knee degeneration


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