How to seduce, part 2?

Make a list:
What is lovable on you?
Write a least 10 reasons why it is fantastic to be together with you.

Learn to love yourself… Otherwise, you will attract the wrong spouse (who hates the opposite sex).

Embrace yourself and imagine why your dream partner loves you! Let your dream partner tell you why he/she loves you! For Instance, Your imaginary dream partner tells You: “I love you because you are so cute, handsome, smart, honest, you are so wonderful in the bed… I always want to sleep with you…”
Do this for 1 to 2 minutes every day.

Make body exercise to lose weight, to relax, to become more confident, and to become more attractive!

Learn to Relax with meditation (Kundalini meditation from Osho,…), Yoga, Qigong, dancing, drumming… Because when you are relaxed, dating is easier!
Links at the end…

Build up your confidence/self-esteem
Praise yourself for every step forward or things that you have done… even for cooking your own meal…

Get a ‘Dating Confidence Hypnosis’ mp3 from Dr. Steve G. Jones (for $15) and fall to sleep when you hear the Hypnosis mp3. Do that for 30 days, every day. Link at the end.

Build up a positive attitude. Because with a positive attitude you attract good people.
Learn to praise other people, give honest compliments, so that the people feel good!… And say thank you even for small things that people have done for you.

Let it when you are greedy or needy for sex! Females hate guys who are needy for sex! Seduce only, when you are relaxed and have built up your self-esteem. Enjoy seducing, otherwise, if you don’t enjoy it the girls run away!

Learn to smile when you approach people… Then dating is easier!

The society wants you to fail as a seducer… Most of what you read in the media about sex, seducing is wrong because of the negative influence of the feminists.

Forget, all these B. S. about sex, ‘men behavior’ from the Feminists, …
Many years ago, my mother and sister were in Tunisia. My sister spoke with these feminists, and later she watched them on the beach fucking with the street boys (age between 12 and 18 years old)… and even with 5 boys, one after the next!!! And this was so embarrassing that the Tunisian street boys thought that all Western women like to sleep with them. Frequently, when my aged mother went to the market a boy grabbed her bosom and wanted to seduce her…
Why do the feminists, like the famous feminist Alice Schwarzer, travel to Tunisia?
Why the feminists don’t complain/protest against the raping of women through Muslim immigrants? Every 6th Swedish female got raped through a Muslim immigrant!

My Video: How to seduce, part 2?
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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