How to seduce, part 5?

What can you say on your first date?

First, make sure that she comes on time! Before the date, say: “ I don’t wait more than 10 minutes!”

(My whole life experiences tell me, there was not one person who has disrespect my time, disrespect me, and was a lousy person!)

Smile, introduce yourself again, and hug her… Say how beautiful she looks in her dress…
Say, honestly, how you feel, when you see her. Be thankful that she has shown up on time! (Otherwise, let her go! Don’t wait)

Ask her how she feels…
Make fun, how many dates you do have every day because you are so attractive and you are a good person because you were on time?

The goals of dating are:

1.) to break the ice,
2.) build up intimacy with words,
3.) to entertain with humor,
4.) to build up esteem,
5.) to find similarities between you and her…
6.) and eventually to connect with the body without speaking…

We don’t speak about politics and religion… we talk honestly about our experience with fun….

For instance, ask her:

1.) What are your passions and your passions during your childhood?
2.) What kind of interests do you have?
3.) What are the craziest things you have done?
4.) What have been the happiest moments in your life?
5.) How was your first love affair? How it has happened? (Then, you learn what she is scared of…)
6.) Are you a spiritual person?
7.) What is about your relationship with your family?
8.) What would you do differently if you could turn back the time?
9.) What did you want to become when you were 5 years old?
10.) Who did influence you at most?
11.) What would you do if you would have only a particular time to live?

After every answer, you pick up 1 to 3 words (mirroring) and use the words to tell your experience.

So that you find common ground and similarities. And with these deep questions, you open her heart and connect…

You go to this irresistible event with her, lean close to her, hug her and kiss her when it is okay for her… Keep the emotional contact with her and stop talking, have fun…

Find a reason that she is coming to your well prepared (clean) home,… with condoms…

Show her your pictures… give her a drink, sit on the same side with her… relax, have fun.

You have to learn intuitive what the girl wants, without asking… We need to connect with the heart without words!!!! And don’t bring her and you in the head through speaking!!!!!

And then approach her body with her consents, (if she gets tense, it was too early, try it again, 5 to 10 minutes later) feel her emotions … kiss her, embrace her, and after some time undress her and … with condom!

You have to lead and don’t ask for permission! She always can reject you … Okay?

Many girls are terrified to sleep with a stranger, and even they (the female nature wants a baby) desperately want to have sex… Then they are tense, and you can’t enter. Spread her legs and bend them down to her boobs (her butt directed to the sky and her legs are in the air), lock her legs with your arms… And then it is easy when she is wet…

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